Saturday, December 26, 2009

Week in Review – December 26, 2009

This past week was a little quiet thanks to a Christmas-shortened work week.  But there was still some good reads to be had so here’s a quick summary:

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!
  • 2009 GeekTonic Guest Posts – a summary of all guest posts on GeekTonic for the year.  One lucky contributor won a SageTV HD Theater and everyone else received a small token of my appreciation.  Some great articles in this list.
  • Kindle DRM Cracked – Books Now Transferrable – Well I thought this was more significant than it really was.  Apparently, according to the comments the Kindle DRM had already been cracked.
  • SageTV HD200 – DTS Shortfall and How To Overcome It 
  • Barnes & Noble Pushes Out first Nook Update – firmware update – A good sign that B&N is working towards improving the Nook with firmware updates.
  • Last Minute Gifts – Amazon Kindle – Based on hits at GeekTonic over the last few weeks, a large number of people received a Kindle this year for Christmas.
  • Avatar is a Must See Movie – Good Story Spectacular Effects – I loved Avatar on an IMAX-sized screen and it looks like many others did as well.  I plan to see it at the theater one more time – it was that good imo.
  • TV Premieres, Finales & Specials This Week 12/20/2009
  • Enjoy the remainder of your holiday break!  More in-depth content for Media Gadget Fans at  If you’re in to the Twitter thing, be sure and follow me on twitter under the name GeekTonic.  Thanks for Reading GeekTonic!