Thursday, July 29, 2010

MyMovies for SageTV Available Now

SageTV 7 has made some strides in many User Interface categories, but the die-hard movie fans still want more.  If you’ve ever used Windows MediaCenter, you are likely familiar with MyMovies - a popular Movie metadata cataloging and management add-on for MediaCenter.  Thanks to third-party developer, PluckyHD the developer of SageMovieWall SageTV now has an impressive Movie Collection Interface with built-in metadata capabilities all of which works on SageTV including extenders! 

smm release 1

GeekTonic first previewed the work with Sage MyMovies in January of this year.  A great deal of work has been completed and Sage MyMovies is now ready for the masses – at least in Beta form.  Here’s more information – much of which can be found in the Wiki

What is MyMovies?

MyMovies is a Movie Collection manager original designed for Windows Media Center. It has an extensive database of user contributed content encompassing metadata and fanart for movies. How this differs from and the like is that contribution to the database earns you points that can be used to unlock additional features and functionality in MyMovies.

MyMovies also supports a Server/Client architecture. Your collection can reside on a headless server and be managed by any other machine on your network running the client software. For more information on MyMovies please check out their website.


Here’s a few Demo Previews of MyMovies to give you a feel for what it does:

This first demo is a preview shown on MissingRemote’s Article on MyMovies:


Auto Fade Out & Similar Movies Features:

Group View & Drilldown


Some really nice work and something that will make SageTV even more attractive given most any video formats including Blu-ray, DVD, MKV etc all play in SageTV and their extenders without transcoding.  I you have SageTV, this is a must-have plugin.

More Photos:

smm release 6smm release 5smm release 3smm release 2

For Installation & Setup instructions check out the Sage MyMovies Wiki

To discuss and learn more about the plugin check out the SageTV Forum Thread for MyMovies