Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Books versus eBooks

I’ve been thinking about the rapid move towards eBooks we’re witnessing right now and last weekend came across a pretty interesting graphic/chart by Newsweek titled: 

“Does one have to win? Books vs E-Books”

Newsweek Books vs eBooks

Here’s a few snippets from the comparison:

  • $4.05 Ave Production Cost for $26 Hardcover
  • $0.50 Ave Production Cost for $9.99 eBook Download


  • $3.90 Average Author Royalty per paper book
  • $2.12 Average Author Royalty per eBook download


There is plenty of additional, interesting statistics.  Head over to Newsweek to see the complete comparison.

I personally don’t see traditional paper books ever going away completely, but I do see a continuation of this shift towards eBooks for many purposes as the cost of eReaders continues to decline.