Thursday, August 19, 2010

SageTV Project Phoenix – More Screenshots

A little update to the info I shared about Project Phoenix a few weeks ago.  The project team has added a few additional screen-shots that should give you a feel for what things will look like.  Note that there is a lot of flexibility to customize and the project isn’t quite complete yet so things can and likely will change a little before it goes public.

What is Project Phoenix?

Phoenix for SageTV is yet another combination UI system and feature-set add-on being developed by a team of developers for SageTV.  This one includes developers of the well-loved SageMC add-on.


TV show list view

More on the above screenshot From the Project Team Leader:

“Here's a little bit of background info on the screen shot above. The screen is what we have called the Universal Media Browser (or UMB). It is used for the display of all your media using our own implementation of a virtual file system. The View (media content, filtering, sorting, and grouping) is defined in an external xml file. To invoke the UMB with a specific View, you would set up a dynamic menu item (again our own implementation) that calls that view and then loads the UMB menu. There is a view selector from within the UMB to switch views and we are working on a menu to allow you to modify views from within the UMB as well.”

Weather Screen

The weather screen below is close to final, but has some changes coming:



Imported Video

To illustrate that all media is using the UMB (see description of UMB with first screenshot above) - here is a shot with the View being imported video.



Home Screen

From one of the team developers:

“Every UI needs a home menu right?
That's actually somewhat debatable, however we of Phoenix decided that to NOT have one would be too much of a paradigm shift for most folks. So we will likely have 2 or 3 different ones. This is my favorite of the bunch. If you have ever used Boxee you will notice some similarities right off the bat.....”


More information to come.  If you haven’t figured this out already, this Project Phoenix isn’t just a “modified look.”  It’s a unified User Interface with some significant functionality changes/additions.  Stay tuned for more information.

To follow the continued information about Project Phoenix, check out their SageTV forum thread.