Wednesday, August 04, 2010

SageTV Beta Release 7.0.13 Arrives


SageTV has another beta update to it’s SageTV 7 HTPC software – for Windows, WHS & Linux versions.  This update includes a bunch of bug fixes and some new features.

New Features:

  • Category view in the Video Browser with options to edit categories
  • Parental Ratings for imported videos can be edited
  • DVD/BluRay movies will track whether they’ve been watched or not watched (STV update is needed for UI functionality, will be available soon)

Other Notable Changes/Improvements:

  • Merged SageTVTranscoder with latest public version; should resolve many transcoding issues; Also added transcoding profiles for H264 MKVs
  • Added support for setting DVDs/BluRays to be completely watched. This will never happen automatically for DVDs; but will for BluRays if the whole movie is watched (for DVDs, due to navigation which creates non-linear content this isn't reliably determined). An STV update will be released after this beta that includes the functionality in the STV for this (the Watched command can be used to toggle the state in the new STV)
  • PlayOn Plugin Will Now Show Actual Download Progress of Streaming Video - Added support for download timestamp tracking for MPEG2 Program Stream files.
  • Improved moving/converting videos to TV Recordings: Added property "enable_converting_imported_videos_to_tv_recordings" which defaults to true. If set to false, then video files imported that have TV metadata will NOT be automatically tagged as 'TV Recordings' and will show up in the 'Imported Videos' section instead of the 'TV Recordings' section.
  • Auto-rotate of JPEG Photos Setting - Added property "autorotate_jpeg_images" which determines whether or not the core should automatically rotate JPEG images with their orientation bit set when displaying them. This defaults to true; changing it requires a server restart since it invalidates any rotated images in the image cache
  • Added H264 MKV transcoding profiles (they're in the MPEG4 sections since H264 is MPEG4 Part 10)
  • Improved Music/Video Playlist Import - Added property "fully_reimport_playlists_every_scan" which defaults to false. If set to true; then every time a library import scan is done; any Playlists that originated from external playlist files will be fully reimported (i.e. the Playlists in SageTV's database will be synchronized with the external playlist files, using the external playlist file as the master)
  • Fixed regression issue where ATSC/QAM was broken on Linux in the last build
  • Fixed bug where SageTV wouldn't always select the highest quality audio track as the default for DirectShow. TrueHD/DTS-HD are now preferred, and then DTS/AC3 and any ties are resolved by the highest number of channels.
  • Various Extender Updates/Fixes
  • Fixed YouTube Video URL Issues

Head to the SageTV forums for the full changelog and to download.