Friday, August 06, 2010

To the Point: Kindle Edition

The Kindle Chronicles Podcast takes a moment to discuss Mrs. GeekTonic’s review of FantasticFiction (site for finding books to read on your Kindle or otherwise).  The podcast also highlights an interview of Baratunde Thurston, Web and Politics Editor at The Onion.  If you have an e-Reader or have any interest in the Kindle, definitely add The Kindle Chronicles to your must-listen list.  It’s fantastic every week!

The Kindle 2 and DX Gets it’s Game On – Nothing earth shattering here, but the Amazon Kindle has its first two game apps – both are free and downloadable from your Kindle.  The two word games are Every Word and Shuffled Row.

PCWorld (and others news sites) predicts the latest Kindle versions spell doom for other e-Readers.  I definitely have to agree that barring some true innovation such as paper-thin/folding form factor, non-reflective color screen or e-Ink with non-reflective touchscreen; the only survivors in the U.S. e-Ink/e-Reader market will be Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Washington Post Kindle 3 Hands On.  One of several major newspapers & websites had the chance to use the Kindle 3 hands-on.  And they all agreed that the new Kindle 3 is a significant improvement especially given the pricing.