Monday, August 23, 2010

To the Point: Kindle 3 Hands On Reviews Trickle In

The Kindle 3 has made its way into the hands of reviewers over the weekend and we are beginning to see our first few reviews of the new device.

PC World has a pretty detailed review with comparisons to the previous Kindle models as well as the Barnes & Noble Nook.  Dan Costa has this to say in the review:

“The latest edition's improvements aren't revolutionary, but the Amazon Kindle remains the best dedicated ebook reader on the market.”

Kindle 3G + WiFi Review


Len Edgerly, host of the Kindle Chronicles Podcast has posted a 12+ minute video review of the new 3G + WiFi Kindle.  Len knows his e-Readers and has a couple of different e-Reader podcasts he produces.  You can see from the video Len really likes the new Kindle.  Lots of information and video albeit a little camera shake involved:

Note that Len will be donating his Amazon review Kindle to as part of a new project to donate used Kindle 2's to U.S. soldiers on active duty in Afghanistan. The IRS recently approved the E-Books for Troops 501(c)(3) application, so donations to the nonprofit are now officially tax-deductible.  A great program that I hope sees more donations.


And we have opinions from the other side of the Pond - the Telegraph has this to say about the new Kindle:

For now, however, where the iPad has its place, so too does the Kindle. Speaking as a consumer, I’ll be buying a Kindle; but I’ll be waiting for tablet computers to evolve before I spend any money on them.

Telegraph Kindle Review

Finally, Michael Gartenberg gives the argument for “dedicated devices” as opposed to multiple-function devices in his thoughtful Engadget article Entelligence: One device to rule them all -- or not

I’ll have the GeekTonic review of the new Kindle as my WiFi-only version should be arriving here around Friday.  Stay tuned.