Thursday, September 09, 2010

Amazon Kindle Sneaking into Brick & Mortar Stores

Amazon has always been an online store portal and has mostly stuck to that focus over the years.  But the success of the Kindle eBook Reader & Kindle store along with some decent eBook competition from Barnes & Noble, Sony and Borders has pushed Amazon to sell the Kindle in local stores as well.

This morning, Amazon announced that the Amazon Kindle will be available in Best Buy stores sometime this Fall.  That makes the 3rd brick & mortar (non-online) store where you can find an Amazon Kindle e-Reader.  Target began stocking the Kindle this past June and Staples will begin selling the Kindle this Fall as well.  This gives Amazon more exposure and further shows us that the Kindle is becoming more and more about selling eBooks in the Amazon store than it is about selling the hardware eReaders.

It’s also a great way for newbies to check out the eReaders hands-on.  Sony, Barnes & Noble and Borders have used in-store displays to show off their e-Readers all along so a little more front-and-center exposure of the Kindle will only help Amazon stay ahead of the pack with their Kindle store.