Saturday, September 11, 2010

SiliconDust Announces Alliance with Hauppauge For CableCard Tuners


SiliconDust HDHR

Well this is interesting for HTPC folks.  SiliconDust just announced an alliance with Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc. to introduce a USB-connected Digital TV Tuner product for use with CableCARD™.

This alliance means SiliconDust’s new HDHR Prime CableCard Tuner will sell alongside the Hauppauge CableCard tuner – both of which are expected to hit stores later this year.  SiliconDust and Hauppauge have been competitors in the TV Tuner market up until now, but Hauppauge has the wider retail presence that SiliconDust has been missing.  For Hauppauge this gives an expanded CableCard tuner offering to compete with Ceton’s Quad CableCard tuner

The new SiliconDust CableCard tuner is particularly interesting because like the HDHomeRun QAM tuners before it, the HDHR Prime connects to your home network via ethernet instead of being installed internally in a computer.  This gives it the ability to be accessed across the home network from any computer.  Hauppauge will have their own WinTV branded CableCard tuner available as well – at this point we don’t know much about that one though.

The SiliconDust HDHomeRun Networked CableCard Tuner is scheduled to arrive this December as their beta is already underway.  The Hauppauge CableCard device announced at the January CES Show 

It should be interesting to see how the CableCard market pans out by December.  As of now the Ceton is the only real option for CableCard PC tuners and it’s nearly impossible to obtain due to a parts shortage.  If the Hauppauge & SiliconDust tuners make it to market before Ceton gets caught up, things could get interesting.

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Thanks to Dave Zatz for the tip