Friday, September 03, 2010

Ultimate Guide - Fall 2010 New Show Guide

TV Week at GeekTonic continues with a complete guide to each of the new series on TV this Fall 2010 season.  Today I have for you a list of all new TV series in the U.S. including the premiere date & time, TV Network and a short description.  Plus there's a link to most of the shows that takes you to the trailer/preview of that series!
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The complete listing of new TV Series after the jump...........

Note that the Title’s of each shows listed below are hyperlinked so if you click on them, you’ll be taken to a video preview of the series.  This should help you decide which shows (if any) you decide to record & watch.  Or you could just do like me and record any that seem interesting and wait to see which ones get good ratings and which ones are canceled.  Nice to have a DVR these days.

Click here to download a PDF of this guide.  The PDF might be the better option for those reading this with a narrow computer screen

Premiere Date Day Time  (Eastern pm) Network Description
$#*! My Dad Says 9/23/2010 Thu 8:30PM CBS Based on that Twitter account so many of us follow.  An adult son moves in with his father (played by William Shatner) who is not afraid to express his not politically correct opinions.
Beast Legends 9/9/2010 Thu 10:00PM SyFy Beast Legends sends a team of investigators in search of creatures of myth and legend.   They then have them build a scientifically accurate replica of each beast and show us what the creature have been like in action via computer animation.
Better With You 9/22/2010 Wed 8:30PM ABC Two sisters (Jennifer Finnigan, Joanna Garcia) have very different relationships with their significant others.
Blue Bloods 9/24/2010 Fri 10:00PM CBS The police force through the unique perspective of a multi-generational family of dedicated NYPD officers
Boardwalk Empire 9/19/2010 Sun 9:00PM HBO Steve Buscemi stars as a corrupt politician in 1920s Atlantic City. Michael Pitt, Kelly Macdonald and Gretchen Mol co-star. Martin Scorsese directed the pilot.
Body of Proof 9/24/2010 Fri 9:00PM ABC A top neurosurgeon becomes a forensic medical examiner after an accident hampers her surgical skills and she kills a patient.
Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It 10/11/2010 Mon 10:00PM VH1 Reality TV
Bugging Out 10/5/2010 Tue 9:00PM SCIENCE A look into the little-known world of exotic (and sometimes creepy) insects of the world.
Changing Lanes 9/1/2010 Wed 8:00PM BET A reality TV series detailing NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program.
Chase 9/20/2010 Mon 10:00PM NBC A team of U.S. marshals hunts down America's most dangerous fugitives.
Dead Set 10/25/2010 Mon 11:59PM IFC A satirical zombie horror series.  During eviction night on "Big Brother," zombies emerge and begin attacking humans.
Dean of Invention 10/22/2010 Fri 10:00PM Planet Series follows renown inventor Dean Kamen & correspondent Joanne Colan as they explore the emerging technologies being developed to tackle the most daunting global challenges of today
Defenders, The 9/22/2010 Wed 10:00PM CBS Criminal defense lawyers, navigate the often blurry line between right and wrong with an impressive repertoire of witty insults and slapstick moments
Detroit 1-8-7 9/21/2010 Tue 10:00PM ABC Detroit has the highest murder rate in the country, so it makes sense as the setting for a show about homicide detectives.
Downsized 11/6/2010 Sat 9:00PM WE Realty series that follows the The Bruce family – affected by downsizing.  How the family deals with the challenge of living life with nine people on a poverty-level budget
Event, The 9/20/2010 Mon 9:00PM NBC A guy's (Jason Ritter) fiancee disappears and the new president (Blair Underwood) learns of a secret CIA program. Yes, they are connected.
Football Wives 10/11/2010 Mon 10:30PM VH1 A behind-the-scenes look at the glamorous life of the wives of professional football's most elite players.
Freaky Eaters 9/5/2010 Sun 10:00PM TLC Reality show where we learn about the struggles of an unusual and often overlooked segment of the population - those with a bizarre compulsion towards a particular food
Hardcover Mysteries 10/11/2010 Mon 9:00PM ID A documentary that explores crossover from fact to fiction. New York Times bestselling authors discuss the real-life cases that compelled their fascination and inspired their page-turners.
Harry Loves Lisa 10/5/2010 Tue 10:00PM TVLand Reality series with Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin
Hawaii Five-O 9/20/2010 Mon 10:00PM CBS An elite task force whose mission is to eliminate crime on the beaches of Hawaii.  In case you’re younger than me – this is another remake.
Hellcats 9/8/2010 Wed 9:00PM CW A pre-law student loses her scholarship and has to rely on her dormant gymnastics ability to earn a spot on the cheerleading squad to stay in school.
Hollywood Treasure 11/4/2010 Thu 9:00PM SyFy A docu-reality series about the world of collecting showbiz and pop culture memorabilia, including science fiction and fantasy props and costumes.
House of Glam 10/5/2010 Tue 10:00PM Oxygen A docu-reality series featuring trendsetting stylists of an “image agency” in the entertainment business.
Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, The 10/1/2010 Fri 10:00PM IFC Follows the awkward misadventures of an American office temp/convenient liar named Todd Margaret
La La & Carmelo Anthony 9/19/2010 Sun 10:30PM VH1 Reality series
Law & Order: Los Angeles 9/29/2010 Wed 10:00PM NBC Pretty sure the world knows what Law & Order is.  This one is in LA.
Lone Star 9/20/2010 Mon 9:00PM FOX A con man lives a triple life in Texas while running two long games and secretly wanting to make both his fake lives real.
Luther 10/24/2010 Sun 10:00PM BBCA A brilliant detective tormented by the darker side of humanity, Luther shines a light into the hearts and minds of psychopaths and killers, and the shadowy spaces of his own soul.
Mad 9/6/2010 Mon 8:30PM TOON Animated sketch-comedy series based on Mad Magazine
Ma's Roadhouse 9/15/2010 Wed 9:00PM TruTV Reality series
Mel B Project, The 9/5/2010 Sun 9:00PM STYLE Reality series
Mike & Molly 9/20/2010 Mon 9:30PM CBS A fourth-grade teacher and a Chicago cop meet and fall in love at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.
Mother Knows Best? 12/7/2010 Tue 9:00PM WE Reality series
My Generation 9/23/2010 Thu 8:00PM ABC A documentary crew followed high school students as they prepared for graduation in 2000. Ten years later, the filmmakers revisit the former classmates.
Nikita 9/9/2010 Thu 9:00PM CW A highly trained spy and assassin seeks retribution against the government agency that created her.
No Ordinary Family 9/28/2010 Tue 8:00PM ABC A family's plane crashes into phosphorescent water and gives everyone random superpowers.
Outlaw 9/15/2010 Wed 10:00PM NBC A Supreme Court justice leaves the bench to go back to practicing law and trying to change the system from below rather than above.
Outsourced 9/23/2010 Thu 9:30PM NBC The call center for an American novelty company based in the Midwest is relocated to India.
Pretend Time with Nick Swardson 10/12/2010 Tue 10:00PM Comedy An irreverent sketch show filtered through the twisted point-of-view of stand-up comedian Nick Swardson
Quints by Surprise 9/6/2010 Mon 10:00PM TLC Reality series
Raising Hope 9/21/2010 Tue 9:00PM FOX A completely unprepared young man is left with a baby girl and decides to raise her despite his equally screwed up support system of a family
Real & Chance: Legend Hunters 9/19/2010 Sun 9:00PM VH1 Reality series
Regular Show 9/6/2010 Mon 8:15PM TOON Two groundskeepers, Mordecai (a six-foot-tall blue jay) and Rigby (a hyperactive raccoon) are best friends who spend their days trying to entertain themselves by any means necessary
Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp 10/16/2010 Sat 11:00PM VH1 Cl Reality series
Running Russell Simmons 11/2/2010 Tue 10:00PM Oxygen Reality series
Running Wilde 9/21/2010 Tue 9:30PM FOX A spoiled rich boy tries to buy the love of his childhood sweetheart, an idealistic do-gooder.
Sarah Palin's Alaska 11/14/2010 Sun 9:00PM TLC Reality series
School Pride 9/24/2010 Fri 8:00PM NBC A reality series that tells the stories of communities coming together to renovate their aging and broken public schools.
Sextuplets Take NY 9/14/2010 Tue 10:00PM TLC Reality series
Sister Wives 9/26/2010 Sun 10:00PM TLC A Reality series about a polygamist and his big family.  I knew we were missing a reality plot somewhere and TLC found it :(
Teach: Tony Danza 10/1/2010 Fri 10:00PM A&E A docu-reality series sharing the experience of Tony Danza as he steps into the role of first-year teacher at Philadelphia's largest urban high school.
Terriers 9/8/2010 Wed 10:00PM FX A comedy/drama about an ex-cop who partners with his best friend to launch an unlicensed private investigation business
The Intervention with Jackie Warner 9/6/2010 Mon 10:00PM BRAVO Reality series following Jackie Warner helping others lose weight
Top Chef Just Desserts 9/15/2010 Wed 10:00PM BRAVO Top Chef judge Gail Simmons hosts this competitive culinary spin-off in which pastry chefs compete in a series of dessert challenges. Famed pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini serves as head judge.
Undercovers 9/22/2010 Wed 8:00PM NBC A retired husband-and-wife spy team who now run a catering business are suddenly thrust back into their former CIA agent lives.
What's Eating You 10/13/2010 Wed 10:00PM E! Reality series focused on eating disorders
Whole Truth, The 9/22/2010 Wed 10:00PM ABC A legal drama that chronicles how a case is built from the perspectives of both the defense and the prosecution.
Will, The 11/3/2010 Wed 10:00PM ID A reality series that follows the final wishes of the deceased are revealed to the family members left behind.
World of Jenks, The 9/13/2010 Mon 10:00PM MTV Andrew Jenks, a 24-year-old award winning documentary filmmaker focuses his lens and creates a bond with his subject to tell the story of one person's life, bringing viewers closer to understanding someone else's reality
That’s a wrap folks.  If I missed a show you’re curious about let me know in the comments.  More importantly – are there any diamonds in the rough you plan to set up as a favorite on your DVR or HTPC?