Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Gifts Fit for a Geek – Magic Wand Remote Control

I’m on the search for the perfect gifts for the media-tech geeks in the family and came across this unique find.  It’s an Infrared remote control that looks like and kind of works like a magic wand!

Magic Wand Remote Control

Those of you in the UK might find this familiar since it was highlighted in a realityTV program.  But for many of us in the U.S. it’s kinda crazy.  It caught my eye since I just finished listening to the last two Harry Potter AudioBooks this week.


I know a few geeks who have about everything who might just find this item a must-have :)

The wand is Infrared based, but includes a motion-sensing accelerometer that detects your hand movements.

There’s a simple manual on how to operate the thing along with embedded videos along the way.

You can purchase that very Magic Wand remote control for the low price of $80!