Wednesday, September 11, 2013

GeekTonic Returns… again.

After a failed attempt to get back into the blogging game last summer I packed it up just under a year ago.  Lots has happened in my work and personal life since then, but things seem to be slowing down ever so slightly.  Here’s a quick recap:


We sold our suburban home faster than I expected.  Decided to rent in a more urban setting for a year or so to see how this downsizing thing would go.  This meant going from a relatively large space to a much smaller, more open loft in a building originally built in the late 1800’s.  This meant some serious downsizing in “stuff” especially electronic junk.  I’ll share more about that in a later post.

After moving into the loft we continued to search for a more permanent home.  This meant lots of looking around town, lots of realtor time, and some fun exploring our newfound urban landscape.  I also learned the “fun” involved in wiring for my SageTV setup in a rental situation with brick walls.

At the same time our daughter moved from one college apartment to another before moving back in with us for a semester while she student taught and then finally moving to another town after getting her first job out of college.

During all of this my company continued to expand into new businesses and added some new systems & websites.  To say the least the work-life had continued to consume more of my time away from the blogging stuff.

Most recently we purchased a new loft/condo not far from the loft we had been renting.  It was a short sale so it involved all the fun that comes with a non-standard purchase.  This new place is much newer (built just over 10 years ago) but also needed a lot of work.  The positive here though is it was wired fairly well and is on the list of Fall installs for Google Fiber – more on that later).  Notice the unfortunate fact that I’ve been involved with a LOT of moves in the past year or so.

So that’s what has been going on around the GeekTonic home.  My plan is to talk more about these changes, what I’m using for my TV setup as well as my other home technology at the new place.  I’ll also share with everyone some of the tech stuff I’ve run into and more importantly what I know about Google Fiber so far.  This blog won’t be quite like what it was several years ago, but I won’t give it up completely.