Saturday, September 14, 2013

Snapstream’s DVR for Business


Remember that little ole HTPC software called BeyondTV?  Maybe the name “smartskip” will ring a bell for some of you.


ars technica has a nice article providing an update on our old friend, Snapstream.  Snapstream is the company that created BeyondTV, the second HTPC program used in the GeekTonic home just before switching to SageTV.  Rakesh Agrawal made the decision to transition the company away from the consumer business and towards an “enterprise” focus.  Basically they sell a product that records certain or all channels and then uses the captioning to allow for searching for keywords or phrases.  You can also automatically save clips with those words/phrases for use later.  Companies, governmental agencies, politicians, TV shows and others use this technology so they can curate media clips based on relevant themes.

The business filled a very specialized niche from the start and has obviously been a success.  Check out the article to learn more.