Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Google Glass and GoPro on an Acrobatic Flight

Now for something a little different.  Cross Google Glasses, GoPro Cameras and some simply amazing piloting by an aerobatic pilot and you get video magic.

This past weekend we were able to put our loft balcony to good use thanks to a great view of the Kansas City downtown airport.  We had a perfect view of Aerobatic Flight performed by Kirby Chambliss on his Red Bull/GoPro airplane.  A local Kansas City video blogger, Ramsey Mohsen had an even better view.  He had the opportunity to ride with Chambliss while wearing his pair of Google Glasses.  Also attached were three GoPro cameras.  Check out an incredible perspective of this flight on the videos after the link.

Flying w/ Aerobatic Champion Kirby Chambliss (filmed w/ Google Glass, 3 GoPro’s) via RamseyMohsen.com