Monday, October 28, 2013

Kickstarter Campaign begins for SageTV XBMC Plugin

If you are still using SageTV as an HTPC or still have a server license for SageTV there’s an interesting project that just started a KickStarter Campaign that should interest you.  Here’s a message from the project manager:
Love your SageTV server as much as we do?  Have you been waiting, hoping, praying that Google would release a follow up after swallowing up our beloved SageTV?

Amazingly two years later SageTV is still the best home Media Center solution out there. A true testament to how far ahead of the competition SageTV truly was. For those of us running SageTV we want to keep the good time rolling for as long as possible.
Unfortunately with official development done there is dwindling hope for new features such as Netflix and Hulu plugins,  or integrated support for online media, or new extenders to replace your aging HD300s.  That's where the SageTV XMBC plugin come in... with this plugin you can continued to leverage the rock solid SageTV backend and leverage the new and ever growing modern XBMC front-end which includes an extensive library of plugins (Playon, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify), support for internet video and multiple small form factor clients (Rasberry Pi, Ouya, Android...).

Please support our effort to make the SageTV XMBC plugin a reality by making a donation to our kickstarter effort: