Friday, August 24, 2007

Must Read: Good Stuff I'm Reading

It's Friday and I'm too worn out to post new stuff. So instead, I'm passing along thing's I've been reading from other great blogs:

How to Sync your iPod to LastFM and Facebook - a great primer on connecting what you listen to on your iPod with Facebook by Internet Duct Tape

Fluther: Resistance is Futile: - An interesting question and answer service. It's a little different than the others you might be familiar with. AppScout reviews the site.

Record Audio Files with Audacity - I've used Audacity for quite a while now and love it. It's free and opensource and it works well. Mark at does this how-to on Audacity

SDV Keeps on Rollin' - Dave Zatz at Zatz Not Funny talks about how Cox is deploying SDV and mentions the concern that switched channels can't be viewed with CableCARD boxes.

I thought Blockbusters goal was to beat Netflix - UneasySilence has another story on Blockbuster's missteps in the war with Netflix. I have said before that I think Blockbuster has lost that DVD rental war with Netflix but who knows...

Zooomr Zips Where Others Zag: Adds RSS to Ziiipline - Davis Freeburg is excited about the new RSS feature added to Zooomr's Zipline.

Send Documents, Web Pages to Mobile Phones via SMS Cloud Print - Amit Agarwal at Digital Inspiration has yet another great how-to on sending documents and web pages to your mobile phone.

FoxyTag Marks Speed Traps on your Google Maps - Kristen Nicole at does an overview of FoxyTag, a mobile application that alerts you to upcoming speed cameras while your driving. I made a stupid comment towards Kristen recently and feel pretty bad about it so its only fair that I respect her continually-good blogging. Nuf said on that topic...

Flex - The Ultimate CD Furniture - Robert at GeekAlerts highlights a very cool way to display your CD's.

Come Visit the HP Garage - Robert Scoble is back to blogging from his short break and has a review of their visit to the HP Garage - where Silicon Valley Began

Have a great weekend!