Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New TV Season Premier Listing

It's time for the new TV Premiers! I can hardly believe it. My daughter is back in school, my summer vacations are all but over and the new TV season premiers are just about to begin. Since I'm a fan of Time-shifting shows, I mostly lose track of what day shows premier. I use Snapstream's Beyond TV to set up my recordings and once I've done that, I can pretty much count on those same shows recording automatically even into the next season.

Still, I take care at the beginning of each season to make sure I have those shows I want to watch set up to record. For new shows I'm interested in, I typically will record an entire season and then watch them after the season is over. This way I can prevent getting into a show that will be cancelled and leave the story hanging like they did with Invasion. I can do this without missing a show since My Home Theater PC has five tuners on it (3 SD and 2 HD).
Also, if your planning on watching a lot of these shows this year, do yourself a favor and time-shift with a DVR. Then fast forward through the commercials. I do this with Beyond TV and can just hit the channel-up button while watching to skip to the end of the commercials. Saves me lots of time.Without further banter, here are the show listings that I've gathered:

CLICK HERE to go to the updated listing - a PDF download of the TV Listings is available also.

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