Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wii Hacked: Play DVD's with a Wii Console

Per Digg, Team Symbiote (the makers of Wii-Boss) have released a DVD player Application for Wii. To do this, you would need a mod-chip on your Wii, which I won't be doing any time soon, but it does prove that the Wii that you and I own has the capability to view DVD movies just like its more powerful Xbox and PS3 cousins.
I presume the reason Nintendo doesn't just turn this functionality on via a simple firmware update is because they don't want to fund the license fees that would be required for such a function. Hopefully they will add this eventually to existing Wii's although I doubt it since it has already been announced that Nintendo will be selling DVD enabled Wii's sometime before the year is over.Once you have your modded Wii (not recommended by this Geek Tonic Blog by the way) Simply burn the ISO to DVD, boot it in your Wii and then swap it out for a DVD Movie. That's it :)

Via Nintendo Scene digg story