Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wake UP Already - Alarm Clock Hacks for the Sleepy

I have a bad habit of using the snooze on my alarm clock too much. Probably from reading blogs and blogging too late at night... Anyway, I ran across a ingenious alarm clock hack that inspired me to make a compilation of several alarm clock hacks all with a little different aproach. Thankfully, I won't be needing to use any of these this weekend although Monday could be another story.

This first one is one I found on Hackaday. These guys modded a clock so that the snooze became the clock itself literally. In their words "In this project, we will bypass the mechanical snooze switch on top, and instead turn the alarm clock off in a much more fun way: punching it!"
It looks pretty much like any clock but its anything but. Read the entire how to here.

This next alarm clock gets a little more geeky. The Retractable Alarm Clock is Smart. So smart it has a customized snooze button made to accommodate the movement of the retractable cord powered by a small dc motor. The alarm gradually increases the loudness to wake up sleepers gently. To prevent the sleeper from falling asleep to the monotonic sound of alarms, our alarm varies the frequency every 12 chirps.”
The complete (very complete) how-to here

A Lego Alarm Clock Snooze Button Made With Legos found on Flickr

Here's a video of the Remote Control Clock. This one uses a simple tv remote control to control the alarm clock. Might be a little too convient for me :)

Read the story of the IR Remote Control Clock at Gogglemarks

If all else fails, you could buy this Flying Alarm Clock for $40. If this one doesn't annoy you enough to wake up, you must need the sleep more than I though anyway.