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Complete Rundown of New Fall 2007 TV Shows

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ontvLast week I posted a complete list of all the Fall 2007 TV shows including the returning and new TV series. For those of you deciding whether to record any of the new shows to your DVR here's a little more information on each of the brand new TV series:
Don't forget that the NBC Pilot Episodes will be available on Amazon Unbox starting September 10th .
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My family will probably not watch any of these shows except for a possible reality show until later in the season. Instead, we'll record several of the ones that interest us and watch them near the end of the season. That way we avoid starting a series that will be canceled or gets really bad reviews. Thankfully we have a HTPC with five tuners and a lot of hard drive storage.
Premier Date Day Time (CST) Show Name Network Description
9/8/2007 Sat Extreme Ghost Stories (WE) Unreality - "Investigative Series" about ghost stories.
9/8/2007 Sat Rescue Mediums (WE) Unreality - Follows two psychics as they ask ghostly visitors in homes 
9/8/2007 Sat iCarly (NICK) Kids Comedy - A teenager who lives with her twenty-six year old brother and guardian Spencer, and produces her own web casts from a studio she constructed in the attic of her home.
9/9/2007 Sun 8pm Tell Me You Love Me (HBO) Drama - Three couples in committed relationships with intimacy problems. They end up in therapy.  Lots of sex, lots of skin and…. Well that's about it.
9/14/2007 Fri 8pm  Nashville  (FOX) Reality Soap - Country Music wannabe's head to Tennessee hoping to become a star.
9/17/2007 Mon 8pm  K-Ville  (FOX) Drama - After Katrina, a dedicated cop tries to keep order in lawless New Orleans with the help of a mysterious new partner
9/19/2007 Wed 8pm  Kitchen Nightmares  (FOX) Reality - Copy of the British show with the same name.  Chef Gordon Ramsay (of Hells Kitchen fame) tackles restaurants in crisis and gives the restaurant staff hell.
9/19/2007 Wed 7pm  Kid Nation  (CBS) Reality - Forty kids ages 8 to 15 are put in an abandoned ghost town to create their own society for 40 days with no adults (except for the crew behind the scenes).
9/19/2007 Wed 7pm  Back to You  (FOX) A big shot news anchor played by Kelsey Grammer had a career demoting, on-air outburst.  Now he is back at his small time Pittsburgh TV News station with his former adversary & co-anchor played by Patricia Heaton.
9/23/2007 Sun The CW Now (The CW) Entertainment news - Trends in music, fashion, film, technology & Hollywood gossip
9/23/2007 Sun Online Nation (The CW) Broadcast of user-submitted videos from the Web.
9/24/2007 Mon 7:30pm  The Big Bang Theory  (CBS) Comedy - Two socially awkward brainiacs have a friendly hot chick move in down the hall from them.
9/24/2007 Mon 7pm  Chuck  (NBC) Comedy - Geek Squad-like guy named Chuck has all govt. top-level secrets downloaded into his brain so becomes govt. operative
9/24/2007 Mon 9pm  Journeyman  (NBC) Fantasy Drama - A man travels back in time to help people in trouble.
9/25/2007 Tue 9pm  Cane  (CBS) Drama - A Latino family works together to operate a rum business.  It has Jimmy Smits & Hector Elizondo.  Has a mafia feel.
9/25/2007 Tue 8pm  Reaper  (CW) Comedy - Slackers parents sell his soul to the devil so now he has to chase down souls who escaped from hell.
9/26/2007 Wed 9pm  Dirty Sexy Money  (ABC) Drama - Idealistic lawyer is hired for a bunch of money to be family lawyer to the a wealthy & dysfunctional family
9/26/2007 Wed 8pm  Private Practice  (ABC) Comedy Drama - Grey's Anatomy spinoff with Kate Walsh’s character Addison Montgomery.
9/26/2007 Wed 8pm  Gossip Girl  (CW) Teen Drama - Based on a series of teen novels - Privileged teenagers attend an elite private school in New York City.
9/26/2007 Wed 8pm  Bionic Woman  (NBC) Remake of the 1970s series - Woman is transformed from a barista to part-robotic babe.
9/26/2007 Wed 9pm  Life  (NBC) Drama - Former police officer returns to the force after having been wrongly imprisoned for years.
9/27/2007 Thu 9pm  Big Shots  (ABC) Drama - Staring Michael Vartan from Alias fame.  An inside look into the life of a CEO.
9/28/2007 Fri 8pm  Moonlight  (CBS) Drama - Vampire lands work as a private investigator to use his powers for good instead of evil.  And in his extra time falls for mortal woman.
10/1/2007 Mon  Aliens In America  (CW) Comedy - High school kid is picked on, so his parents import an exchange student to be his friend — only to find he’s a Muslim from Pakistan.
10/1/2007 Mon Dr. Steve-O (USA) Reality - It looks really bad - that's all I can say after seeing the preview
10/1/2007 Mon Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney) Comedy - Centers on a family in New York that owns an old-fashioned magic shop where, behind the scenes, the kids can do real magic.
10/2/2007 Tue 7:30pm  Carpoolers  (ABC) Comedy - Group of guys who carpool to work together from their suburban homes
10/2/2007 Tue 7pm  Cavemen  (ABC) Three Neanderthals struggle to live in modern day America. Yep, this is really a show based on the Geico caveman.  I can't believe anyone thought this was a good idea…
10/3/2007 Wed 7pm Better Half (Bravo)
10/3/2007 Wed 7pm  Pushing Daisies  (ABC) Comedy/Drama - A man has the power to bring dead people back to life
10/7/2007 Sun 7pm  Life is Wild  (CW) Teen Drama - US version of the British series "Wild at Heart,".  A vet who moves his family to his father-in-law's game reserve in South Africa
10/12/2007 Fri 8pm  Women’s Murder Club  (ABC) Drama - Four women work together to solve crimes - based on James Patterson Novel
10/13/2007 Sat TBA  The Gathering (Lifetime) Drama Miniseries - Peter Gallagher is a loving husband who loses his wife to some witches in New York.  Just in time for Halloween.
10/15/2007 Mon 8:30pm  Samantha Who?  (ABC) Comedy - Christina Applegate plays woman who emerges from an eight-day coma not remembering anything. When she begins to remember she decides it is a chance at a second shot at life.
10/15/2007 Mon TBA  Salt 'n' Pepa Show  (VH1) Reality - This doomed reality show will follow the 90's three-hit wonder duo as they attempt to reunite personally and professionally.  One is now a devout christian and the other has been pursuing an acting career.
10/18/2007 Thu 9pm  Viva Laughlin  (CBS) Comedy Musical Drama - Based on the BBC musical casino drama Blackpool. Small-time casino owner, Ripley Holden, dreams of opening up a snazzy resort on the Laughlin Strip.
10/19/2007 Fri 7pm The Great American Band (FOX) Reality - A "group" version of American Idol - without Simon Cowel, Randy Jackson or Paula Abdul
10/21/2007 Sun 8pm  The Incredible Human Machine (NGC) Science/Educational - How our body works with lots of facts about our body in a fast, watchable format for the short attention span set.
11/1/2007 Thu 8pm In Plain Site (USA)
11/27/2007 Tue 8pm  Cashmere Mafia  (ABC) Comedy - Several college friends who happen to also be successful female execs turn to each other for guidance as they juggle their careers with family in New York City.
2/??/2008 TBA TBA  Farmer Wants A Life (CW) Reality - Another reality dating series that is just what its title sound like it is.
MidSeason Fri TBA  New Amsterdam  (FOX) Crime Drama - A New York homicide detective is cursed with immortality.
MidSeason Mid TBA  Oprah's Big Give (ABC) Reality Show.  Oprah's giving away millions to make a difference in people's lives.  During the eight episodes filmed in various U.S. cities, the field will be narrowed. The stakes will get higher and higher, with one person ultimately being chosen as The Biggest Giver.
MidSeason TBA TBA  Canterbury's Law (FOX) Legal Drama - Centered on a Julianna Margulies who plays a tough-minded defense attorney who pushes the boundaries  to protect innocent clients.
MidSeason TBA TBA  The Return of Jezebel James (FOX) Comedy - A newly single professional woman played by Parker Posey learns she's unable to conceive so asks her polar opposite sister to carry her baby for her.
MidSeason TBA TBA  The Rules For Starting Over (FOX) Comedy - 35-year old guy who got married right out of college is now divorced and unprepared to re-enter the dating scene.
MidSeason TBA TBA  The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX) Drama Sci Fi - Takes place after Terminator 2, Sarah Connor and her son John try to hide from the govt and plot to destroy the computer network Skynet in hopes of preventing Armageddon.
MidSeason TBA TBA  Unhitched (FOX) A divorced 30-something guy is thrust back into the world of dating after being married since college realizes the dating scene is a bit different
MidSeason TBA TBA  When Women Rule the World (FOX) Reality - What would happen if gender roles are turned upside down. Participants will go to a remote, primitive location where they will be tasked with creating a new society where women are in charge and men are subservient.
MidSeason TBA TBA  Baby Borrowers (NBC) Reality - social experiment that takes five teenage couples and gives them adult responsibility, allowing them to experience parenting firsthand.
MidSeason TBA TBA  Lipstick Jungle (NBC) Comedy - The lives of three of "New York's 50 Most Powerful Women," according to The New York Post.
MidSeason TBA TBA  The IT Crowd (NBC) Comedy - An American version of the UK hit comedy
MidSeason TBA TBA  World Moves (NBC) Reality - A Randy Jackson (of American Idol fame) produced reality competition that pits dance teams from around the world against one another for the opportunity to land an international touring contract
There are plenty of stinkers in the list above, but we'll likely record the following: Kid Nation, Back to You, Chuck, Cane, Reaper, New Amsterdam, Dirty Sexy Money, Bionic Woman and even Women's Murder Club for the wife. Let me know what you'll be watching in the comments.
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