Saturday, September 15, 2007

For Serious Jericho Fans Only: Jerichon Festival in Oakley Kansas This Weekend


jericho I was reading the Kansas City Star newspaper this morning and noticed an Associated Press blip about this festival in Oakley Kansas.  Now festivals are a very common thing in small towns, but this one is quite different. 


Here's an excerpt from the story:

"The show's passionate, well-organized fan base rallied around the show this summer after CBS canceled the drama in May. After fans deluged the network with calls, messages and shipments of 50,000 peanuts, CBS reversed its decision and called for second season with seven more episodes about a Kansas town isolated by a nuclear terrorist attack.
At the Jerichon festival, fans will learn about real-life responses to the nuclear disaster portrayed on the show. They also will study how communities would respond to natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the May tornado in Greensburg, about 140 miles southeast of Oakley.
With the announcement from CBS, the crowd attending Jerichon is expected to be small, but visitors are coming from as far as Canada.
"They know that when they come here, they're coming to Jericho and not going to have all the big city stuff," said Oakley resident Jerry Robben. "They want to come to Jericho, and it's pretty close to what they're watching on TV."
No actors or CBS officials are scheduled to be attendance. The show is being shot in California.
Fans from Oakley believe Jericho has striking similarities to their town. Their best evidence is that it's the only town where Interstate 70 intersects with both U.S. 40 and 83.
Activities begin Friday, starting with a mayoral proclamation turning Oakley into Jericho for the weekend. Much of the weekend will center around The Bluff bar."


jericho2 I should mention that Jericho is a very excellent show and if you haven't seen it yet, please do so.  Here's a few ways to get caught up on the first season of Jericho:

Apple iTunes Click the button to the right to view Jericho on iTunes: Jericho

Amazon Unbox:  Click the link to the right to view Jericho on Amazon Unbox: Jericho Season 1

Amazon DVD Purchase: Click the link to the right to purchase the DVD (preorder until 10/1): Jericho Season 1

Rent Jericho Season 1 at Netflix beginning 10/1


Jericho will return as a mid-season replacement sometime late this Fall or Early 2008.  I for one will be watching and hoping the show is successful enough for a third season to be picked up.

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