Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Reads



Here are a few interesting stories to check out for your Friday Reads:


Extract Pictures from PowerPoint Photo Slideshows - Simple Hack - Amit at Digital Inspirations has another great how-to.  This one shows you how to get photos from those PowerPoint slideshows.

Samsung Blackjack Getting WM6 September 17th - Sean Alexander over at Addicted to Digital Media is reporting that the Blackjack will be getting a WM6 upgrade this coming Monday.

Falling back in love with Vista Media Center - Sean Alexander who works at Microsoft says he is falling back in love with Vista Media Center after a brief stint with Tivo Series 3.  He's been using a cablecard equiped Media Center PC and talks about the pros and cons between the Tivo and MC.

New Satellite DVR's Displayed - Dave Zatz reviews some of the new Satellite DVR's displayed at the CEDIA Expo

How To Display Folder Size in Windows Explorer - Robson at Digital Alchemy has a easy, but useful how-to for XP and Windows 2000 users.

Netflix Watch Now is Limited to 8 Computers - HackingNetflix says you can only enable 8 computers for Netflix's watch-now feature.  Not sure why you would need more then 8, but I guess you never know.


I'm running a series on Home Theater PC software cheat sheets that include a downloadable & printable keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet for all of the popular HTPC software.  Check them out here:

Windows Vista Media Center and XP MCE Cheat Sheet

Beyond TV and Beyond Media Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Media Portal Cheat Sheet

GBPVR Cheat Sheet

Mac Front Row Cheat Sheet: Coming Soon

MythTV Cheat Sheet: Coming Soon


Also, if you're a college football fan, you might want to read my story on the College Football Schedule Maker from earlier this month.

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