Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Review of Beyond TV 4.7 at MissingRemote

btv10 Daniel Schoerner posted a nice, comprehensive review of the latest BeyondTV 4.7 Update.  He really liked the iTunes Integration and the lesser-publicized Firefly Mobile feature that allows you to use your iPhone or SmartPhone as a remote control .  He reviews all of the other features with a focus on the new ones.  Overall a great review and high praise for Snapstream's Beyond TV.

I also think the new features in this latest version of Beyond TV are great - more integrated and easy-to-use functionality that has been the cornerstone of Beyond TV from the beginning.

One thing Daniel didn't address was the lack of any DVD, Music and Photo functionality that all of Snapstream's competitors have.  Yes there is the separately-available Beyond Media software that Snapstream still sells, but Beyond Media has for all purposes been abandoned by Snapstream and by the plugin developers that make Home Theater Software competitive.  Bottom line, if you want an easy-to-use and fairly easy-to-setup Home Theater PVR program that does the Tivo-like features, Beyond TV is one of the best.  If you want a complete HTPC program though you'll need more than just Beyond TV.  I'm not saying those words lightly as I speak from experience as an owner of Beyond TV and Beyond Media.

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