Friday, November 09, 2007

Watch Out Amazon! Unbox & Netflix: iTunes Set For Movie Rentals

itunes-06-2Thus far, Amazon Unbox and Netflix Watch Instantly have been the leaders on online movie rentals. 


Well Evan DiBiase has found a little suprise hidden in the code of the latest version of iTunes.  It seems the latest 7.5 version of iTunes has strings related to Rentals and Video-On-Demand!  Here's what Evan had to say on his blog:

"It sure looks like video rentals (and video on demand, which I suspect VOD stands for) are coming to iTunes soon. If they did, I would sure get more use out of my Apple TV…"

This would be another great addition by Apple and would certainly make sense for their iPod and AppleTV products.

via TechCrunch



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