Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools Day Comes to the HTPC World

I'm really not a big fan of the online April Fools Jokes.  I do find them funny, but it's sort of annoying to try to sort through the truths and fictions when running through my RSS feeds for the day.  Still, I thought I'd share with you a few Home Theater PC - related April Fools Gags that I noticed today.


April Fools #1.  Snapstream's Television Search-Now with BearCheck

Zack at snapstream put up a funny little "press release" and corresponding video on their new BearCheck feature.  The story itself is just sort-of-funny, but the video is pretty good.  Check out BearCheck at the Snapstream Blog




April Fools #2. The Developers of SageTVs, SageMC Replacement User Interface Get Cease & Desist Order from Microsoft

Dirk, the main developer of the SageMC very popular replacement user interface had this to say on the SageTV forums:

He's obviously (I hope...) having a good time enjoying the resulting scare of forum posters analyzing which parts of the interface are being targeted by Microsoft.  Many have picked up on the April Fools joke, but others haven't and it is kind of funny to watch.  Check out the forum post here


April Fools #3.  Microsoft MaxWin

Ed Bott has a very funny April Fools post on MS's latest MaxWin project:

"Yesterday, I wrote about Microsoft’s efforts to reduce the size of the Windows kernel as part of its MinWin project. Early today I learned of a top-secret parallel development effort being run by a separate group at Microsoft. The hush-hush project is called MaxWin, and if my sources are correct you’ll see it soon.

The idea behind MaxWin is simple. As a development lead explained to me: “You have a terabyte hard disk and 16 gigabytes of memory. We plan to use it all.”

In the MaxWin dev center, large posters remind every developer, tester, and product manager of the team’s motto: “Bigger is better.” When MaxWin is released, it will consolidate every version of Windows ever released into a single binary package, delivered in a 13–DVD boxed set."

Read the entire post at Ed Bott's Microsoft Report


I'm sure there will be more, but that's enough for the moment.  You'll see a bunch of bloggers participating so take what you read today (except for what you read here :) ) with a grain of salt.