Friday, April 04, 2008

Hauppauge HD-PVR Photos - Preorder Available Soon

Details on the Hauppauge HD-PVR are flowing in now.  UPDATED 4/4/2008 8PM CST.  We had photos of the device this morning thanks to a post by "SHS" on the SageTV forums that included photos of the coming-soon (not soon enough) Hauppauge HD-PVR component video recorder.   The official name is the "HD PVR 1212".  As I've posted before the main features are:

  • Built-in hardware H.264 high definition encoder, for high performance, high quality TV recordings
  • Record at HD 1080i resolution, 720p or VGA/D1
  • Record at datarates from 1Mbs to 13.5Mbs, Constant and Variable Bit-Rate
  • Blu-ray format AVCHD recordings, so you can burn your TV recordings onto a standard DVD disk (up to 2 hours of video at 5MBits/sec) and playback on Blu-ray DVD players
  • Includes high definition video player, so you can playback recordings to PC screen
  • Audio / Video loop through enabling HD Viewing and Capture at the same time
  • High Performance Noise Reduction Function
  • NTSC,PAL and SECAM Support
  • IR receiver for remote control
  • IR Blaster to change the TV channels in your set top box

UPDATE: The Hauppauge HD PVR Recorder Model 1212 is for sale as of 11:30 Central Time Today.

You can order yours for $249.00 plus shipping at the Hauppauge Website at this link


Also confirmed - Mike Machado of SageTV told Dave Zatz the following:

"We’re working to support the HD PVR as soon as we can. We expect we’ll support it at or near launch."

I've also confirmed the validity of the photos with an e-mail from a Hauppauge representative.  This representative also confirmed that the release date is this May

Without further delay here's the photos:


Front of HD-PVR with remote control which looks very much like one of the Hauppauge MediaMVP remote controls.  Difficult to tell what that is on the front, bottom-left of the unit is, but probably IR receiver as well as a power button and led indicator lights.


photo obtained from SHS's post on SageTV forums and a post on the AVSForums

Below is a diagram of the front panel found on the Hauppauge website.  Notice that there is an S-Video In, Audio In and Composite Video In on the right front (hidden by the remote in the picture above)





Back of unit with input/output connections.  It looks like dual inputs - if true this would be a very nice surprise.  More likely though would be once set of input and one set are outputs.  You'll also see optical SPDIF input and outputs, an IR emitter (for controlling cable/satellite boxes), the USB port and power port.  Pretty basic but it doesn't look half bad.


photo obtained from SHS's post on SageTV forums and a post on the AVSForums

Below is a diagram of the front panel found on the Hauppauge website.  Notice that there is an audio in and out, component video loop out and componenet video in, optical audio in and out, usb, IR blaster and power ports.


Unlike what I've heard and reported last week, the Hauppauge site is saying that shipping will start May 1, 2008.

latest release date for this device is May 2008.

More details from the Hauppauge Website: Notice the fairly high system requirements including dual core CPU.

  • Hardware encoder
    • H.264 AVCHD video encoder
    • Data rates from 1Mbit/sec to 13.5 Mbits/sec
  • Size:
    • 19.8cm wide x 17.3 cm deep x 7 cm high
  • Power:
    • 5V at 2 amps
  • Weight:
    • 1 lb, 3 oz
System Requirements
  • Processor Requirements (minimum):
    • Dual core CPU
  • Graphics with 256MB memory (or greater) Note: the playback of high definition H.264 requires a fast CPU and at least 256MB of graphics memory
  • Sound card
Included with the HD PVR
  • HD PVR high definition personal video recorder, USB
  • Remote Control Including batteries
  • IR Blaster transmitter cable
  • Component video cable set
  • Audio cable set
Bundled software applications
  • Arcsoft “TotalMediaExtreme”  for video capture, preview, playback, and authoring and burning your TV recordings onto a Blu-ray DVD compatible disc
  • Arcsoft “TotalMedia Theater”, a video player so you can play back your TV recordings to your PC screen
  • Arcsoft “MediaConverter” , to convert your HD recordings onto other formats
  • Includes Hauppauge's WinTV scheduler for scheduled TV recordings
  • Component video input and loop throughOutput
  • SPDIF Optical audio Input and loop through Output
  • Left/ Right RCA audio Input and loop through Output
  • Composite and S-Video Inputs
  • Left/right audio input
  • USB2.0 High speed Device


Want to see the board on this thing?  See photos of it in action (albeit naked without the case on?)  The snapstream blog has the scoop - check it out here