Monday, June 23, 2008

Days of Windows XP Running Out – 7 Days Remain


If you want to build your own PC and use XP with it, you might want to order an extra copy or two before the end of the month.  In less than seven days, on June 30 Windows XP meets it’s end for major retailers and manufacturers to acquire product for sale.  They’ll still be able to sell PC’s in stock with Windows XP, but not build new ones.

Here’s the timeline for Windows XP As I know it:

• 6/30/08 — Computer manufacturers & retailers stop building/acquiring computers with XP installed. You will still probably be able to get a new computer pre-loaded with Windows XP through those generic, “white-box” PC resellers.

• 1/31/09 — Microsoft stops selling XP completely with the exception of a few non-U.S. versions and specialized low-cost laptops.

• 4/14/09 — Mainstream XP support (free live support and warranty support) ends.  Security fixes only for free XP updates.

• 4/8/14 — All XP support ends

As mentioned above, beginning June 30th, 2008 XP won’t be an option for you when purchasing most computers either unless the manufacturer offers Vista upgrade downgrade rights.

Some manufactures (including Dell after June 26th) will allow you to get a copy of Windows XP Professional if you purchase a PC with Vista Business or Ultimate installed.  Count on a surcharge to get that copy of XP Pro from the manufacturer as well.


One exception to this is It that low-cost laptop and desktops will be able to continue to use XP for several more years. 

I’m purchasing a few copies of XP just in case since I prefer XP for my Home Theater PC’s (no Vista on my HTPCs…)  How about you?  Are you fine with Vista in the future or are you like me hoping to hang in there with Windows XP until a better version comes along?  Of course you Apple and Linux folks are probably just enjoying this tremendously.

The lowest price I could find on a non-OEM version of Windows XP Home was $192 (free 3day shipping) at  If you see anything cheaper let us know in the comments.