Thursday, June 26, 2008

Monitor Stocks with Your Home Theater PC

You’ve had a long day at work, come home and want to see how your stocks and the market have been doing.  Okay, maybe you don’t want to know at the moment given the current market conditions but still, bear with me… 

You sit down on you couch, fire up the HTPC TV and click on Your Stocks Plugin from the HTPC menu.  You can now get a snapshot of your selected stocks and indexes for the day right from the 10-foot interface using a new plugin for the SageTV HTPC software named JVL Stock Manager (named after the username of the creator jvl711).

The main menu shows you the stock symbol, the change, price and days’s low:


If you select a stock ticker with your remote, you’ll get a graph with the options of various periods to view:


This is the one-year view:


When you hit your options button, you’ll have the option to refresh the data, add a new stock ticker or remove the selected symbol:


Read more about the JVL Stock Manager and get the download at the SageTV Forums



There’s also a Stocks Plugin for GBPVR for users of the GBPVR HTPC Software.

When pulling up the stocks, the data for each stock is retrieved in its own thread so the app is still responsive while waiting on the data.

The GBPVR plug-in is skinable with the look, colors, fonts, positions, shapes, etc. all pulled from skin file. The data displayed is configurable as well.

GBPVR Stocks2GBPVR Stocks1

Another option is the old Stocks Plugin for the stagnant Beyond Media HTPC front-end software program by Snapstream.  There used to be a MCE plugin called Stock Ticker, but it doesn’t seem to be available any more.