Sunday, June 22, 2008

Six-CableCard PCs From Cannon

Chris Lanier has info on new PC’s coming from Cannon that handle six CableCard tuners on one HomeTheater PC.  If you have a lot of spare money and more HD channels than I have then you might be interested in this one. 

If you aren’t familiar with CableCARDs, these tuners allow Home Theater PC’s playback & record digital cable TV channels (premium, encrypted etc) without the need for a cable box.  In the past, one or two cablecard tuners were the norm, so six allows you to watch/record up to six channels at once.

Here’s a video from Cannon of the six-tuner HTPC in action:

Press Release & Info at Chris Lanier’s Blog

More Info and discussion on Cannon 6-CableCard PCs with HiRes Screenshot showing all 6 tuners working