Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MediaPortal Leaves Beta - 1.0 Arrives


                      Image from team-mediaportal.com

After many years (five to be exact) in beta development, the MediaPortal team has released the 1.0 version (read: non-beta) of their popular HTPC software.  What started as a port from XBMC and eventually grew into a near-complete redesign of the software is now a fully-featured, opens-source, windows-based media center software.

Congratulations to all of the Media Portal Team!

Download, Installation Notes and More Information on MediaPortal 1.0


Media Portal 2.0 In the Works:

Not ones to just sit back and enjoy their accomplishments, the MediaPortal team is now shifting their attention towards MediaPortal 2.0 (and of course any needed bug fixes for 1.0).  Check out this link for a preview of MediaPortal 2.0