Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SageTV Beta 6.5.5 and HD Extender/Player Updates

SageTV released another beta update with a few more features and bug fixes.  This is a "release candidate" which means we'll be seeing SageTV 6.5 escape from beta very, very soon.

This is mostly a clean-up update, but there are a few feature additions that might be of interest including support for multi-audio track switching of MKV and similar video files.  A few of the more significant SageTV updates include:

  • Added windows support for the HVR-1250 analog tuner
  • Several bug fixes and improvements to the SageTV Core
  • HD Extender can now handle audio track switching for MKV, ASF, MOV and AVI files (requires firmware update on HD100 and/or HD200)
  • Improved interface support for RC5 protocol remotes (setting is now in the detaled settings page of the UI instead of requiring a change to a properties file)
  • Several other UI improvements

Read the full change list for the SageTV 6.5.5 update


HD100 and HD200 firmware Updates include:

  • Fix for some cases of audio track selection on HD100 and HD200
  • Several changes to the HD200 standalone mode on the HD200

Read the full change list for the firmware updates