Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Aftermath - What Gadgets Did you Get or Give?

Well by now most of us have survived Christmas and many have some new gadgets they received (or gave) as gifts.  Tell us in the comments what you got!

Photo by SentienceCC License

My guesses are the majority of gadget gifts included these types of things:

  • Blu Ray Player
  • Movies – Blu Ray or otherwise
  • MP3 player
  • iPhone or other mobile phone
  • HDTV, HD200, new PC, monitor, wireless router
  • PS3, XBox360 or Wii
  • Video Games
  • More Storage (Hard Drives)
  • HTPC Extender like the SageTV HD200 Extender/Player
  • Media Player like the Popcorn Hour or HD200
  • Digital Camera/Camcorder
  • Computer/Laptop
  • Home Theater Components


A few of my geekier toys I received:

  • 46” LCD TV Sharp 46SB54U (family gift we found a deal of less then $900).  This is by no means the best HDTV we could have gotten and probably not up to Ben D’s high standards but it fit the bill (and budget) for us and I’m very happy with it.  Currently testing the new SageTV HD200


I gave (or recommended) a few techie gadgets too:

  • Tiny WD External drive for my teacher wife for her PowerPoint and video clips
  • Wii Fit – a bit better than I expected.  Don’t know if it will help us much, but it’s actually kind of fun
  • LG Shine Mobile phone for the kid
  • Cheap, but working DVD Player for the college kid (less than $40 at Walmart)
  • EyeFi for my Dad (I really like this one - now I’m hoping he’ll actually offload photos when he takes pictures…)

I’m still holding off on the Blu-Ray Player purchase.  No particular reason why other than the fact I don’t care at all about the extras that come with Blu-Ray players and I can’t yet integrate Blu-Ray with my HTPC setup.  Even still, I’ll probably will bite on that sometime in 2009.


Okay, it’s your turn – tell everyone what you got this year in the way of gadgets.