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Ultimate Guide - the Winter 2009 TV Season

Christmas time is almost here and many of you will be searching for those last-minute presents, drinking eggnog and watching Christmas specials, but its also a good time to see what's coming in the TV world in the new year.  All of our favorite shows are either in hibernation or just winding down for 2008.  But very soon, we'll again be bombarded with even more Television including many anticipated series premieres.  I've gathered as much about the Winter 2009 TV Schedule as I can and there are several premieres included.
Wanting to know when that show from the Fall season is returning?  Or maybe you're curious about what new shows are starting January - March?  The Winter 2009 season will soon be upon us so I have compiled the complete Guide to the Winter 2009 TV season for you.  I've included the premieres for Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, SciFi, CW and more.
 Photo of the cast of Dollhouse - a highly anticipated Scifi Drama by Joss Whedon
The chart below guides you through the entire Winter 2009 TV Season by date.  Season/series premieres will have their season number in the "season premiere" column as well as being marked in bold text.  All start times are U.S. Eastern time.  There are some shows that may have a special premiere date and then follow later that week in their normal time slot day - in these cases I only show the first premiere.  GeekTonic will have a weekly preview of new Winter 2009 airings each Sunday and noting those that will air in HD as well as more information about each series/season premiere in those posts as well.
New Premieres include:  Dollhouse, Kings, Castle, The Unusuals, Lie to Me, Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns, The United States of Tara, East Bound and Down, The Beast, Lie to Me, Trust Me and Harpers Island.
New Reality/game-shows include: Howie Do It, Confessions of a Teen Idol, Superstars of Dance, True Beauty, Homeland Security, 13: Fear is Real, Tool Academy, RelicQuest, The Exterminators and more.
Returning Reality shows include: The Bachelor, The Real World, The Apprentice, American Idol, Amazing Race, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, Superstars of Dance and more.
Returning Drama and Comedy includes:  Lost, 24, Scrubs, Damages, Medium, Psych, Monk, Kyle XY, Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, Reaper and more.
It's quite obvious that the networks are moving towards fewer quality dramas and more cheap, reality-type programming.  I'll have to do some stats on the shows from the Winter 2009 listing to see what percent are non-scripted shows - I'm betting it's pretty high unfortunately.   New and returning TV shows on the most anticipated list include:  Lost, 24, Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, Kings, Reaper, Damages and unfortunately (in my opinion) American Idol.
Free Printable PDF Guides for the Winter 2009 TV Season:
NOTE:  The PDF Downloads (see above) are up-to-date and comprehensive including some changes and additions not reflected below.

Premiere Date Day Time  Network Season Premiere Show Title
1/1/2009 Thu 9pm A&E 8 The First 48
1/2/2009 Fri 10pm TLC 2 Countdown to the Crown
1/2/2009 Fri 9pm SciFi Stargate Atlantis
1/3/2009 Sat 8pm FOX Cops
1/3/2009 Sat 8pm CBS 1 Game Show In My Head
1/3/2009 Sat 9pm FOX America's Most Wanted
1/4/2009 Sun 10pm ABC Brothers and Sisters
1/4/2009 Sun 10pm CBS The Unit
1/4/2009 Sun 7pm ABC America's Funnies Home Videos
1/4/2009 Sun 8pm VH1 1 Confessions of a Teen Idol
1/4/2009 Sun 8pm ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
1/4/2009 Sun 8pm NBC 1 Superstars of Dance
1/4/2009 Sun 9pm CBS Cold Case
1/4/2009 Sun 9pm ABC Desperate Housewives
1/4/2009 Sun 9pm VH1 3 Rock of Love with Bret Michaels
1/5/2009 Mon 10pm ABC 1 True Beauty
1/5/2009 Mon 8pm CW Gossip Girl
1/5/2009 Mon 8pm ABC FAM Secret Life of the American Teenager
1/5/2009 Mon 8pm ABC 13 The Bachelor
1/5/2009 Mon 9pm CW One Tree Hill
1/6/2009 Tue 10pm NBC Law & Order: SVU
1/6/2009 Tue 10pm FX 5 (pt 2) Nip/Tuck
1/6/2009 Tue 10pm ABC Primetime
1/6/2009 Tue 10pm CBS Without a Trace
1/6/2009 Tue 8pm CW 90210
1/6/2009 Tue 8pm ABC According to Jim
1/6/2009 Tue 8pm ABC 1 Homeland Security
1/6/2009 Tue 8pm CBS NCIS
1/6/2009 Tue 8pm NBC 8 The Biggest Loser: Couples
1/6/2009 Tue 9pm CW Privileged
1/6/2009 Tue 9pm ABC 8 Scrubs
1/6/2009 Tue 9pm CBS The Mentalist
1/7/2009 Wed 10pm FX 2 Damages
1/7/2009 Wed 10pm NBC Law & Order
1/7/2009 Wed 10pm MTV 21 The Real World
1/7/2009 Wed 10pm TBS 1 Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns
1/7/2009 Wed 8pm CW 1 13:Fear is Real
1/7/2009 Wed 8pm NBC Knight Rider
1/7/2009 Wed 9pm SciFi Ghost Hunters International
1/7/2009 Wed 9pm TBS 3 Tyler Perry's House of Payne
1/8/2009 Thu 10pm NBC ER
1/8/2009 Thu 10pm ABC Private Practice
1/8/2009 Thu 8:30pm NBC Kath & Kim
1/8/2009 Thu 8pm NBC My Name is Earl
1/8/2009 Thu 8pm ABC Ugly Betty
1/8/2009 Thu 9:30pm NBC 30 Rock
1/8/2009 Thu 9pm ABC Grey's Anatomy
1/8/2009 Thu 9pm NBC The Office
1/9/2009 Fri 10pm CBS Numb3rs
1/9/2009 Fri 10pm USA 3 (pt. 2) Psych
1/9/2009 Fri 8:30pm CW The Game
1/9/2009 Fri 8pm CW Everybody Hates Chris
1/9/2009 Fri 8pm CBS Ghost Whisperer
1/9/2009 Fri 8pm NBC 1 Howie Do It
1/9/2009 Fri 8pm ABC Wife Swap
1/9/2009 Fri 9pm CBS 2 Flashpoint
1/9/2009 Fri 9pm USA 7 (pt. 2) Monk
1/9/2009 Fri 9pm CMT My Big Redneck Wedding
1/9/2009 Fri 9pm ABC Supernanny
1/11/2009 Sun 8pm FOX 7 24
1/11/2009 Sun 8pm NBC Dateline
1/11/2009 Sun 9pm NBC 8 The Apprentice
1/11/2009 Sun 9pm VH1 1 Tool Academy
1/12/2009 Mon 10pm CBS CSI: Miami
1/12/2009 Mon 8:30pm CBS How I Met Your Mother
1/12/2009 Mon 8pm FOX 24 (part 2 of premiere)
1/12/2009 Mon 8pm CBS Big Bang Theory
1/12/2009 Mon 9:30pm ABC Samantha Who?
1/12/2009 Mon 9:30pm CBS Worst Week
1/12/2009 Mon 9pm ABC FAM 3 Kyle XY
1/12/2009 Mon 9pm CBS Two and a Half Men
1/13/2009 Tue 8pm FOX 8 American Idol
1/14/2009 Wed 8:30pm CBS Gary Unmarried
1/14/2009 Wed 8pm ABC Lost (repeat of last season's finale)
1/14/2009 Wed 8pm CBS The New Adventures of Old Christine
1/14/2009 Wed 9:30pm CBS CSI: New York
1/14/2009 Wed 9pm CBS Criminal Minds
1/15/2009 Thu 10pm CBS Eleventh Hour
1/15/2009 Thu 10pm A&E 1 The Beast
1/15/2009 Thu 8pm FOX Bones
1/15/2009 Thu 8pm CW Smallville
1/15/2009 Thu 9pm CBS CSI
1/15/2009 Thu 9pm FOX Kitchen Nightmares
1/15/2009 Thu 9pm CW Supernatural
1/16/2009 Fri 10pm SciFi 4 (pt.2) Battlestar Galactica
1/16/2009 Fri 10pm NBC 3 Friday Night Lights
1/16/2009 Fri 8pm FOX Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader
1/16/2009 Fri 9pm FOX Don't Forget the Lyrics!
1/17/2009 Sat 10pm HBO 2 Flight of the Conchords
1/17/2009 Sat 10pm SHOW 1 The United States of Tara
1/17/2009 Sat 7pm FOX Hole in the Wall
1/17/2009 Sat 8:30pm FOX King of the Hill
1/17/2009 Sat 8pm FOX The Simpsons
1/17/2009 Sat 9:30pm FOX American Dad
1/17/2009 Sat 9pm FOX Family Guy
1/17/2009 Sat 9pm FOX REAL 3 Solitary
1/18/2009 Sun 8pm HBO Big Love
1/18/2009 Sun 9pm SHOW The L Word
1/18/2009 Sun 10:30pm SHOW 2 Secret Life of a Call Girl
1/19/2009 Mon 10pm A&E 3 Paranormal State
1/19/2009 Mon 8pm FOX House
1/20/2009 Tue 9pm FOX Fringe
1/21/2009 Wed 10pm ABC Life on Mars
1/21/2009 Wed 10pm SciFi 1 RelicQuest
1/21/2009 Wed 8pm ABC 5 Lost (clips at 8pm 2hr premiere at 9pm)
1/21/2009 Wed 9pm FOX 1 Lie to Me
1/22/2009 Thu 10pm USA Burn Notice
1/24/2009 Sat 8pm CMT 3 Gone Country
1/26/2009 Mon 0p TNT 1 Trust Me
1/26/2009 Mon 9pm VH1 2 I Love Money
1/26/2009 Mon 9pm TNT 4 (pt. 2) The Closer
1/29/2009 Thu 9pm FOX 5 Hell's Kitchen
1/31/2009 Sat 8pm NBC Chuck
1/31/2009 Sat 9pm NBC Heroes
2/2/2009 Mon 10pm NBC 5 Medium
2/4/2009 Wed 10:30pm A&E 1 The Exterminators
2/4/2009 Wed 10pm A&E 5 (pt 2) Dog the Bounty Hunter
2/4/2009 Wed 9pm NBC Life
2/12/2009 Thu 10pm BRAVO 2 Millionaire Matchmaker
2/12/2009 Thu 8pm CBS 18 Survivor
2/13/2009 Fri 8pm FOX Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
2/13/2009 Fri 9pm FOX 1 Dollhouse
2/15/2009 Sun 7pm CBS 60 Minutes
2/15/2009 Sun 8pm HBO 1 East Bound and Down
2/15/2009 Sun 8pm CBS 14 The Amazing Race
2/18/2009 Wed 10pm TV LAND 5 High School Reunion
3/9/2009 Mon 10pm ABC 1 Castle
3/9/2009 Mon 8pm ABC 8 Dancing With the Stars
3/17/2009 Tue 9pm CW 2 Reaper
3/19/2009 Thu 10pm NBC 1 Kings
3/24/2009 Tue 10pm ABC Cupid
4/1/2009 Wed 10pm ABC 1 The Unusuals
4/9/2009 Thu 10pm CBS 1 Harpers Island
TBA TBA ABC 1 Better off Ted
TBA TBA FOX 1 The Goode Family
TBA TBA NBC 1 The Listener
TBA TBA NBC 1 The Philanthropist
Well, that should give you enough TV to watch for a while.  I've done my best to make this guide as accurate and complete as possible, but let me know if you notice a show I missed or if you see anything out of place - it's very difficult to get these right as the networks tend to change things around quite a bit.
Also Let me know in the comments which shows you're most looking forward to.  To get the weekly Winter 2009 premier updates be sure and subscribe to the GeekTonic RSS feed or subscribe to the daily newsletter
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