Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kindle 2 Shipping Now - More Kindle Coverage Soon from GeekTonic!

Kindle 2

Those of you who follow GeekTonic know I talked about the Amazon Kindle 2 as a news item with the conclusion that it was just too expensive and not on my radar.  Well, a few days later I was in the comfort of my couch with the handy remote control in my hand browsing the thousands of music, TV, movie and photo media on my Home Theater PC (oh and I was drinking a bit of wine too) and it came to me -

"I have to try this electronic book thing out and share it with GeekTonic readers."

So I made the pitch to the wife explaining that this was a good thing and I could surely get much of that money out of the Kindle 2 after performing detailed analysis and reviewing on the thing.  And to sweeten the deal I asked her to contribute and offer her perspective of the Kindle2 - coming from a hard-core reader, regular person (read: not a geek, but very technologically capable) who always has one or two books she's reading.


It's being reported by Endgadget and others that the Kindle 2 is already shipping - at least to those with the Kindle 1 priority (if you previously purchased a Kindle 1 you're first in line).  Since I broke down into my "gotta have a new gadget" obsession this month and pre-ordered one to review here on GeekTonic, I thought I'd check to see when mine is expected to arrive.  I won't be the first one to have a Kindle2 in my hands, but I should have one before the end of this week if all goes well.


That means GeekTonic readers should see my unboxing and first impressions hopefully as soon as this Friday.  Stay tuned for detailed Kindle 2 coverage at GeekTonic!

I'm honestly a pessimist when it comes to the Kindle, but I've had so many Kindle 1 users tell me "you just have to try it" that I have to see it for myself.  I promise the combo-team of myself and Shelly will give you the "average-person" perspective of how usable and useful the Kindle 2 really is.


If you want to order a Kindle 2 for you own(Amazon is an affiliate) here's how:

Order the Kindle 2: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation) $359