Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SageTV Beta 6.5.11 Released

While SageTV did release version 6.5 from beta earlier this month, they obviously still have more to stuff into 6.5 because they've announced another beta.  This one is SageTV 6.4.11 and has a few interesting improvements.

The most notable improvement is that the SageTV HD200 extender (will work in standalone in future beta version) now has support to play back BluRays in BDMV folder structure.  No support for menus or interactive features at this point, but it does support multiple audio tracks, chapter selection and eventually subtitles.

SageTV V6.5.11 Beta Highlights:

  • Support for importing BluRay BDMV folder structures.
  • HE-AAC audio now supported for transcoding
  • Fixed issues with photos containing unicode pathnames
  • New MPEG demux with accurate seeking
  • Improved HDHomeRun support for Mac version
  • Fixed A/V sync issues with playback on Mac version
  • Added support for HDMI hotplug mode changes for HD extenders
  • Updated native resolution switching code with improvements.

The full changelog list is very long and includes goodies for all versions of SageTV 6, the HD Extenders and Studio (the software used to create plugins or mods to SageTV).  I'm always impressed with how many little "under the hood" fixes and improvements the guys at SageTV stuff in each month - all for free to existing owners.

For the complete changelog and beta download head over to the SageTV forums

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