Sunday, February 22, 2009

TV Premieres: What to Watch 2/22 - 2/28

Week 9 of the Winter 2009 TV Season is here and new premieres are few and far between.  While this is a scaled-down version of the weekly, GeekTonic new TV post, there are still a few though so read on for all of the details.

Note:  Download a free, PDF of all premieres and returning TV shows.  Download includes two sections - one sorted by release date and another sorted by title.  This has been updated with many additions from the last version - only those shows from 2/15 and later are included in this version.
 American Loggers
                  American Loggers Premieres on Discovery Friday Night


Premieres and Returning Shows For this Week:

NOTE: All Times are Listed for EST

Sunday 02/22/2009

The 81st Annual Academy Awards (8:30pm Sunday on ABC) - If you're in the awards shows, the Academy awards is a big one.  This year's awards is hosted by Hugh Jackman.


Monday 02/16/2009

No New Premieres


Tuesday 02/17/2009

Dark Days in Monkey City (10pm on Bravo) - An animated drama series from Animal Planet.  Sri Lanka's deserted city of Polonnaruwa was once ruled by Buddhist and Hindu kings, but is now overrun with gray langurs, toque macaques and hardened gangs and troops just trying to survive.


Wednesday 02/18/2009

No New Premieres


Thursday 02/19/2009

No New Premieres


Friday 02/20/2009

American Loggers- (10pm Friday on Discovery) A reality show from Discovery.  The Pelletiers, 9 brothers harvesting timber in Maine's backcountry show us how they battle nature and each other in order to keep their logging business afloat.


Saturday 02/21/2009

No New Premieres


That’s it for this week.  Stay tuned for many more premieres including Reaper, Kings, Dancing with the Stars and more which you’ll find on GeekTonic this coming Sunday morning and each week on Sundays.


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