Sunday, February 01, 2009

TV Premieres: What to Watch 2/1 - 2/7

Week 5 of the Winter 2009 TV Season is here.  Overall this will be another "light" week in terms of number of new TV shows, but there are a few good ones in there.  Read on for all of the details.

Note:  Download a free, PDF of all premieres and returning TV shows.  Download includes two sections - one sorted by release date and another sorted by title.  This has been updated with many additions and corrections from the last version - only those shows from 1/18 and later are included in this version.

Chuck Returns Monday - in 3-D

Season Premieres For this Week:
  • Medium (10pm Monday on NBC - Available in HD)
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter (10pm Wednesday on A&E) - Part 2 of Season 5 begins to continue the decline of civilization as we knew it (as Monk would say at least)....
  • The Exterminators (10:30pm Wednesday on A&E) - Series premiere 
  • Jockeys (9pm Friday on Animal Planet) - Series premiere 

Premieres and Returning Shows For this Week:

NOTE: All Times are Listed for EST

Sunday 02/01/2009

Road to the Superbowl (12 Noon Sunday on NBC - Available in HD) - For those wanting to listen to endless football hyperbole, you can start at 12 Noon on NBC.

Superbowl Pregame (1PM Sunday on NBC- Available in HD) - Yep, 5 more hours of Superbowl Pregame.  Gotta love it.

Superbowl Pittsburg vs Arizona (6pm Sunday on NBC- Available in HD) - The game everyone seems to watch either for the game, the gathering or the commercials. (A one-hour special episode of the Office follows the game)


Monday 02/02/2009

Chuck (8pm Monday on NBC- Available in HD) - Chuck is a great show if you don't take it too seriously.  Chuck returns from its Holiday hiatus for a special 3-D episode.  I'm not too into the whole 3D thing, but consider Chuck a very watchable show.

Heroes (9pm Monday on NBC- Available in HD) - Heroes is back!  Whether you think it's too complicated, too many characters or something else.  It's still one of the best shows on TV right now in my opinion.

Medium (10pm Monday on NBC- Available in HD) - Season 4/Part 2 premiere.  Brenda and the team get involved in a seemingly simple case when the Medical Examiner believes that a suicide is actually homicide.


Tuesday 02/03/2009

No premieres


Wednesday 02/04/2009

Life (9pm on NBC - Available in HD) I haven't seen this one, but I've heard it called one of the best shows you're probably not watching.  Returns from the holiday break 

Dog the Bounty Hunter (10pm on A&E) I'll admit, I haven't watching this one.  Someone tell me if I'm making a mistake :)

The Chaser’s War on Everything (9pm on G4) A sketch comedy show that lives on the edge.  This is an import from Australia and they bill it as “Australia’s Most Controversial Show.”  From what I’ve read it sounds like “Jackass” with a bit of a political edge.  Not something that appeals to me, but for those that actually watch G4, it might be worth a look.


Thursday 02/05/2009

No premieres


Friday 02/06/2009

Jockeys - (9pm on Animal Planet) A new reality TV show by Animal Planet


Saturday 02/07/2009

No premieres


That’s it for this week.  Stay tuned for many more premieres including Survivor, Dollhouse, Reaper, Kings and more which you’ll find on GeekTonic this coming Sunday morning and each week on Sundays.