Sunday, March 15, 2009

NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket 2009 Excel Free Download

NOTE:  2010 March  Madness Bracket Download is here

For all of the HD sports I consume over the year, one of my very favorite sporting events is the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Even if you don't have a favorite team in the tournament this year, you can follow along by making your picks for the bracket.  To help you along in that process, I've updated the excel spreadsheet I use each year (suitable for any Basketball Geek) that lets you select your picks from a drop-down and easily print & save your picks.  It's free, easy and will soon be pre-filled with all of the teams in the 2009 NCAA Tournament bracket.
Get your download of the Excel March Madness 2009 Bracket here.

 NCAA Tourney Excel 2009
Alternatively, CNET blogger Dennis O'Reilly show you how to use Google Docs to manage your picks online via Lifehacker
If you just want a web-printable bracket with the teams filled in and not a spreadsheet, there's plenty of choices for you including the following: