Sunday, March 15, 2009

iPhone Remote for Boxee Arrives

Boxee Remote 1

The Boxee team created an iPhone app for Boxee quiet a while back and it's been available for jailbroken phones for a while now.  It took a while to get through that mysterious Apple approval process, but the iPhone/iPod Touch Remote app for Boxee is finally available in the official Apple iTunes Store as of Sunday evening.

The Boxee remote for the iPhone (and iPod Touch) doesn't stream to your iPhone, but it does turn your iPhone into a boxee remote control.  The free application connects to Boxee via WiFi with two modes: Gesture Mode and Buttons Mode.

Gesture Mode:

In Gesture Mode you hold your thumb down and drag the boxee logo around to move up/down/right/left.  Drag it to the edge of the screen & hold to navigate long lists.  Click on teh boxee logo to execute an action - like an enter button.

Boxee Remote 4

Buttons Mode:

In Buttons mode, you use the traditional buttons on the screen to control your Boxee Media Center functions.  It's simple, but it works.  Whenever prompted to enter text in boxee, you can also use the iPhone keyboard to enter the text.

Boxee Remote 3


The settings page on the app is pretty basic.  From the settings page you can adjust settings and manage "hosts"

Boxee Remote 2

Get your Boxee iPhone remote app from the iTunes Store


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