Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Note: Do Not Buy the iPod Shuffle

I probably don't need to say this to you - knowing you're all pretty savvy about these sort of things.  Still I thought it might be worth mentioning in case the new iPod Shuffle story was too small to have been noticed by you. 

Don't under any circumstances purchase the new iPod Shuffle.

Apple iPod Shuffle

If the overly-tiny mp3 device with no screen of any kind hadn't already turned you off, maybe this will:

Apple's new iPod shuffle requires a specially equipped Apple headphone since the controls for the darn thing are ON THE headphone cord.  To make matters worse, it's being reported that any third party headphones will require an Apple-licensed authentication chip for it to work. 

Sorry, but this is craziness on Apples' part and they have just gone too far with this one. 

An already overpriced, under-featured iPod now requires an overly expensive headphone or a crappy Apple headphone for it to work.  I own several Apple devices including an iPod Touch, an iPod Classic and an iPod Nano but if this sort of craziness continues I'll be switching to the competition in a heartbeat.

via iLounge