Monday, April 20, 2009

Okoro Media Servers offer Windows or SageTV Media Center for High-End HTPCs

Okoro Media Server

Okoro Media Systems, maker of high-end HTPCs (Media Center Systems) has announced the Okoro 2009 RK Digital Entertainment Media server.  Something to note is that Okoro is offering their new media servers with Vista Media Center, SageTV, or with no HTPC software (install your own) as options.

The system is rack-mounted, includes an 80GB SSD drive for the operating system, up to 32 Terabytes  of storage, BluRay optical and 6GB of RAM.  Add to that impressive lineup of features RS-232 support, the capability of multi-zone audio, Russound or NuVo distributed music systems and UMPC or MID control and you can see this thing comes loaded.

This definitely is a high-end system and targeted at the custom installer - not the typical enthusiast.  But it is notable that they're including SageTV with SageTV HD Extenders and the Hauppauge HD-PVR as an option.

To see pricing, contact the Okoro sales team.


via ElectronicHouse