Friday, April 24, 2009

Plex Media Center Releases 0.7.15

Plex, the popular, Mac-based media center software just released version 0.7.15 this week.  Lots of bug fixes as the Plex team works to wind down version 7.

What is Plex?

Plex, is a fork of the XBMC HTPC software.  It's free and very popular with Mac users.

What's New With Plex 0.7.8?

  • A new Now Playing Visualizer

Plex Now Playing Visualization

  • Support for Ratings in Plex Media Server Conent (star ratings etc)
  • Shuffle was added as a menu item on the context menu
  • iLife art
  • Ability to Data capture number of users, and basic information about where those users are and basic computer info.
  • New features for the Media Server Plugin
  • Numerous bug fixes

Read More about the latest version of Plex on the Plex Blog


Also be sure and check out the following recent plugins for Plex:

  • New Netflix Plugin
  • STV Play (Swedish content)
  • 4oD (British content)
  • Vimeo Plugin
  • Democracy Now! plugin

Read More about the Netflix Plugin and other plugins on the Plex Blog



  • Plex App Store - a centralized location for apps, plugins themes etc.  It's simple to get your plugins, simply select your add-on and everything gets installed automatically. 
  • Auto updates for installed plugins via the app store