Thursday, April 23, 2009

Looking For Reader Feedback on GeekTonic - Open Mic Day

As mentioned before, things have been pretty busy behind-the-scenes so GeekTonic posts have been a little slow.  I am however planning for the near future when things slow down enough to ramp up the GeekTonic content again and in that planning have been kicking around some ideas for possible future changes.  As the most important thing to me with GeekTonic is you the reader I thought I'd get your input on a few things.  This first round is mostly to get your feedback and ideas in an open forum of the comments, but I'll be doing a survey or two in the coming weeks to get more specific.

1. Content - I've leaned more and more towards HTPCs in the past six months but still cover other media gadgets such as MP3 players, eBook Readers etc.  What do you want to see here?  Would you rather we just stick with HTPC talk or continue covering all things media-gadget related?

2. Posting frequency - My ideal rate of articles is about two per day or at least one per day.  Is that too much, too little or just right for you?

3. Podcasts - I'm very unsure of whether to do a podcast at this point but thought I'd see what the readers thought to gauge if there was even any interest:

a. Do you listen to podcasts?  how often?

b. Would you be interested in a GeekTonic podcast?

c. If you would be interested in a GeekTonic podcast would you want it to be all HTPC, all SageTV, or all things media-gadget-related?

d. Would every other week for a podcast work or do you like weekly or monthly better?

4. Logo - I'm thinking of using the logo below.  Let me know if you prefer it over the current logo (the TV at the top of this page).

GT logo copy

I really like it, but thought I'd test the waters with you folks first...

This logo was created by Dan Sidler of - much thanks to Dan for that by the way!  Dan does great work so if you're interested in business cards, logos, flyers or other design, check out his site and send him a note.  Dan is a GeekTonic reader and submitted this entry into the GeekTonic Media Gadget Showcase 

5. How did you find GeekTonic? Did you discover GeekTonic via google, the most excellent ZatzNotFunny! (some GeekTonic posts are covered there also), one of the HTPC forums I frequent or elsewhere?

6. Any suggestions for changes at GeekTonic?  Layout, content, etc.


Feel free to comment on any or all of the items listed above.  Most of all, I just like to hear what the readers think about GeekTonic as I'm always looking to improve the site.  Thanks!