Friday, April 24, 2009

SageTV 6.5.14 Beta Available

The SageTV team released another beta version of their HTPC product this week.  This one includes the finishing touches for their closed captioning support, improved preloading of thumnail images, Placeshifter improvemtents among other things.  Here's a summary of the highlights:

  • Added core support for handling subtitle delay settings (can only be used with external subtitle files)
  • Fixed bug where picture files would sometimes lose their relative path information (due to having negative timestamps)
  • Fixed significant performance bug related to focus change re-evaluations. This can be over a 2x improvement in speed in many areas that involved just moving around the cursor.
  • Added Placeshifter support for CC in ATSC/QAM files when used on a LAN
  • Added Mac support for CC in ATSC/QAM files
  • Added Mac support for using larger buffer sizes for high bandwidth transfers when the client supports it (HD extenders will on next firmware)
  • Added HD200 support for MP4/VosbSub subtitles (Nero subtitles) on the HD Theater (HD200)
  • Added HD200 support for VobSub subtitles embedded in Matroska (MKV) files (HD extender firmware update needed)
  • Fixed bugs in BluRay playback on HD200
  • Numerous improvements to SageTV Studio (for creating SageTV mods and add-ins)
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements


Check out the complete release notes and download at the SageTV Forums