Saturday, May 30, 2009

GeekTonic Week In Review May 30

Below is a quick summary of the past week's news and stories on GeekTonic.

  • Hulu Desktop Fine Print – Non-Computers Not Welcome – The terms of service built in to the Hulu Desktop program are pretty clear – not to be used on anything but a computer.  Still, there are several options still available to you that ignore those terms of service all listed out for you in this post.
  • Deal of the Day – Logitech DiNovo Wireless Keyboard – I still don’t own this keyboard, but it’s one of the most popular with the HTPC crowd.
  • HTPC Industrial Metal Case Mod – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this HTPC case is an example of that for sure.  Still an interesting project.
  • SageTV Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet – I finally finished this cheat sheet enough to share – all of the SageTV keyboard shortcuts are organized and listed.  Available in a free, downloadable PDF.
  • ZuneHD Confirmed with XBox Live Tie-In – I’m actually intrigued by the ZuneHD.  Looks like it will be competing with the iPod touch pretty closely.
  • SageTV 6.5.16 Beta and HD Extender Firmware Released – Another set up updates for SageTV users.
  • Repair Your Own SageTV HD100 Extender – Be sure and go back to this post because it’s been updated.  The CTO of SageTV has lowered the cost of repair and tells us the fail rate (just over 1% of all units) which isn’t too bad actually.
  • DVRMSToolbox Releases to Public - for Free – An update to the powerful DVRMSToolbox
  • TV Premieres: What to Watch 5/25 - 5/30 
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