Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SageTV 6.5.16 Beta and HD Extender Firmware Released

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It's been 20 days since the last one, but the SageTV has released another beta for their Windows, Linux, Mac and Extender HTPC software programs.  This one is packed full of bug fixes and a few other tidbits.  Highlights include:

  • Update scan frequency for Stockholm Sweden
  • Added new trick to potentially increase HDPVR device stability on Windows when changing channels. Its controlled by the property 'mmc/hdpvr_magic' and it defaults to true.
  • Fixed bug where SageTV service can hang on Vista when transitioning between analog and digital modes on the HVR 2250
  • SageTV Service is no longer removed as part of the upgrade process. The upgrade to 6.5.16 will remove it; but after that it will remain which means all settings related to it will be retained. (i.e. enabled/disabled, login/password, etc.)
  • Added support for 5.1 output when playing back WMAPro audio content (the decoder is now configured to support this)
  • Multiple bug fixes and tweaks for SageTV Placeshifter
  • Fixed bug where we didn't always find the last PTS in an MPEG2 PS/TS file when it was being played back on an extender
  • Fixed bug where VC1 BluRay playback didn't work properly after a seek on the HD media extender
  • Fixed some subtitle bugs on the extenders
  • Various improvements in the channel setup process (more to come soon)
  • Updated Speed TV online videos.

The list of changes and bug fixes is very long and gets pretty techy.  For a full detailing of the update, check out this thread at the SageTV Forums

Once you've updated your SageTV server, be sure and get the new beta firmware update for the HD Theater (HD200) and the HD Extender (HD100) as well.

Core HD200 Theater and HD100 Changes:

  • Improve network performance
  • Fix hang in some mkv files.
  • Modify range of volume control
  • Fix vorbis audio decoding
  • Fix early ending in some streams
  • Improve game dvd playback
  • Add support for HFS+ external drives (HD200 only)
  • Fixed issue with ReadyNAS 'share' security mode and file playback
  • Fixed issue with browsing network shares on Buffalo LinkStation
  • DVD aspect ratio fix
  • Various small fixes

HD200 MediaPlayer (Standalone Mode) Changes:

  • Updated Speed TV online videos.
  • Updated UPnP automounter command.
  • Added "Rescan Existing Library Files" option in Advanced Setup -> Advanced, used to redetect file format & metadata info for imported files.
  • Added a note to the "import scan started" dialog to tell the user that the dialog can be closed & the now-scanning status icon will disappear when the scan is done. The icon is displayed in the dialog to show the user what it looks like.
  • Added dialogs to notify user when file deletions fail.

For more info on the SageTV HD Extender firmware update read this post on the SageTV Forums




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