Friday, June 19, 2009

The Boxee App Explosion - More Apps For Boxee

Boxee App Challenge


Wanting to check out a "few" new apps?  Thanks in part to the Boxee dev challenge, Boxee has a boatload of new apps to show off.  The list has some really ingenious ones and some incredibly bizarre ones, but you can't argue that there aren't enough apps these days can you?

Boxee's dev is open for voting so if you're a Boxee user and want to vote for your favorite app do so before the polls close on June 22nd at 11:59pm PT.

Winners will be announced at the Boxee event in San Francisco on June 23rd .

They also plan to launch the Windows version of Boxee, announce new partnerships and share more info about the boxee beta at the event.  More info at the Boxee Blog


New Boxee Apps

So here goes.  A short summary and a few screen-shots of all the new apps for Boxee:


Amie Street - Listen to music in the Amie Street library, listen to your playlists, browse listening history and recommendation etc.  Future versions should enable purchases right from Boxee

1 amiestreet

AnyClip - View short clips from your favorite movies and TV shows.  Currently in private alpha so currently only members of AnyClip can use this.

2 anyclip

We Are Hunted - discover music as listens to what you are listening to on blogs, twitter, MySpace, Facebook, forums, P2P and more to chart the most popular songs online

3 wearehunted

National Film Board of Canada - Access movies produced by NFB.  Play full length movies, search and play trailers.

WhatUWant - Like Pandora for video.  Type in keywords for what you want to watch and it starts playing an endless stream of YouTube clips that match your query.

4 watchuwant

PokerStarsTV - View webcasts, video blogs and TV shows from PokerStars events.

5 pokerstarstv

Bitter - Twitter app that lets you follow updates of specific users on Twitter

6 bitter

Moovee Times - This app leverages the data on Yahoo! Movies to allow you to enter a zip code and get a list of nearby movie theaters, look up showtimes, read synopsis's and watch trailers and clips.

7 mooveetimes

WellcomeMat - An app that accesses WellcomMat, a locally focused video service that lets people share videos about their local towns including real-estate, city tours, news and more.  Allows search, tag-based navigation, chapter navigation and built-in Twitter integration.

Google Videos - Search Google Videos (sort by quality, duration, view cout etc.

The Radio Control Show - Overviews the hottest news in RC via a collection of video podcasts.

9b theradiocontrolshow1

ABC7 News - ABC7 News is the local ABC station in San Francisco/Bay Area and this app brings more video news content to Boxee.

Newsbox(ee) - Newsboxee is a video app that takes the full benefit of the power of internet and social networks. This first version crawls the trending topics from twitter, meshes the tweets with YouTube and presents a unique list of videos that keep the viewer up to date with the very latest, hot news - all from boxee.

pwndcast - Viewer for the internet show about video games called pwndcast

BBC Live - BBC Live brings BBC to people outside of the UK.

13 bbclive

Dechobox - a boxee app that lets you access the music and photos that are stored in the cloud. so if you use Mozy to backup your photo and music collection they are now available for you wherever you boxee (access to videos will be offered in a future version of the DechoBox app).  Very cool!

14 decho - Access to thousands of Russian TV programs.

I Can Has Cheezburger - Also known as LOLcats, I Can Has Ceezburger is a photo blog for fun.

The Cobra Snake - Access the popular photo blog called the Cobra Snake

16 thecobrasnake

OpenCourseWare - Video lectures and complete courses from MIT, Stanford University, UC Berkeley and Yale.

17 opencourseware

UK's Open University - Open University opens its catalog to Boxee

L8R - and boxee mashup.  Tag video bookmarks on with the tag L8R and you can watch them on boxee or on the web at

19 l8r

C dans l'air - (It’s in the Air) is a daily french show hosted by Yves Calvi. it is aired in France on Channel 5 and is not available in the US… Sacha Arnoud wanted to watch the show on his TV, so he built a boxee app that makes it happen.


Bass Edge - The Bass Edge podcast and Bass Edge Pro Tips is on Boxee

21 bassedge

Boxqueue - A tool for boxee that lets you save videos from across the web and watch them later in Boxee

Weather Channel - A nice weather app for Boxee using the Weather Channel.

23 weather-channel

The Daily Kitten - View kittens on boxee.  Seriously...

24 daily-kitten

Vimeo Channel - integrate your favorite Vimeo channel into Boxee

25 vimeo-on-boxee

HotForWords - The study of words with a "hot" chick.  Hmm.

26 hotforwords

The Guild - The webshow "the Guild" comes to Boxee

27 theguild-2

Facebook Photos - A facebook photos viewer for Boxee

28 facebook-on-boxee

DropBoxee - Think and boxee together

29 dropboxee

White House - Videos from teh White House channel on vimeo

30 white-house-on-boxee

songza - an easy way to find a song, play it and share it using songza.

31 songza-on-boxee1

via Boxee Blog