Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Windows 7 Media Center Xbox 360 Extenders Down For Maintenance

If you're one of the many using an XBox360 as an extender with the Window 7 Media Center beta you likely have noticed your XBox360 can't access Windows Media Center today.  That's because Microsoft is performing scheduled maintenance on XBox Live which is required for the XBox360/MediaCenter use.

Microsoft provided many warnings on the web, via e-mail and on the Xbox360 dashboard


XBox Live Maintenance


As their warning messages have said, XBox Live will be down for up to 24 hours so now would be a great time to step outside and enjoy the weather. 

Adam at theDigitalMediaZone is reporting that those who haven't haven’t installed the NXE update on their 360 should be unaffected by today’s down time.

I do empathize with those affected as it could definitely pull down that WAF a bit - especially after the digital transition debacle, but just remember that those of use affected are using a beta version of Media Center so we sort of signed up for this sort of thing until it releases from beta.

I wonder if XBox Live will be required for the XBox360 and MediaCenter once it leaves beta though.

via DigitalMediaZone

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