Saturday, June 20, 2009

GeekTonic Week In Review - June 20

Below is a quick summary of the past week's news and stories on GeekTonic.
  • The Boxee App Explosion - More Apps For Boxee - Vote now until Monday for your favorite new app for Boxee.  Lots of interesting, useful and sometimes unusual apps come to Boxee thanks in part to the Boxee developers challenge.
  • Media Gadget Showcase – What Did We Do Without HTPCs - Another great entry in the Media Gadget Showcase series.  If you're looking for ideas for your HTPC setup or just want to see what others are doing this is a great series to check out
  • Deal of the Day – 2 Wireless HTPC Keyboards at Great Prices
  • GeekTonic Back From Vacation - My 9 days of vacation are over.  The laptop, iPods, cameras and Kindle all were part of the electronic gadgets we took with us.
  • Popcornhour New Version C200 Announced - a quite impressive media player is announced for $299 available June 2009.
  • Windows 7 Media Center Xbox 360 Extenders Down For Maintenance - Microsoft took down Xbox Live which in turn made most Windows 7 and Vista Media Center Xbox 360 extenders inoperable during the downtime.  The bigger story seems to be that a connection to Xbox Live is required for Xbox 360 Media Center use...
  • Deal of the Day - SiliconDust HDHR Dual QAM Tuner - My favorite tuner on sale again.
  • Digital Transition Issues Crop Up for Some Media Center Users - Microsoft messed up the digital transition a bit.  Fixable, but annoying for those that had trouble.
  • Plex Media Center Releases 0.8.1 with Bug Fixes Galore
  • SageTweet Updates to Add System Alerts - A quite useful addition to SageTweet added system alerts to let you get a tweet and/or text message when your HTPC is having troubles.
  • TV Premieres: What To Watch 6/14 - 6/20

    Next week promises to be a busy one on GeekTonic so stay tuned for more in-depth content for Media Gadget Fans at  If you’re in to the Twitter thing, be sure and follow me on twitter under the name GeekTonic.  Thanks for Reading GeekTonic!