Monday, September 07, 2009

Week In Review – September 7 Labor Day Edition

Lots of news and feature stories this week.

Below is a quick summary of the past week's news and stories on GeekTonic.

  • Report: SDV Solved with CableCard Firmware Update – Chris Lanier reports that CableCard is getting a firmware update that will give CableCard users the ability to handle SDV.  We’ll find out for sure this week at CEDIA.
  • Digital Everywhere-Maker of Popular Intl TV Tuners Closes Shop – Bad news for DVB tuner users as one of the more popular tuner makers goes out of business.
  • Understanding Codecs – A great series on learning the basics of different video codecs by Entertainment 2.0
  • Review of Via NSD-7800 Windows Home Server – Thorough review of a new WHS box.
  • Speeding up Windows 7 Media Browser using a Flash Drive – Nice how-to from Hack 7MC
  • 2 Million Hits – GeekTonic passes 2 Million.  Next update at 5M…
  • Month in Review – August 2009
  • DIY HDMI and USB Over Ethernet – An Extender Alter – My favorite guest post of the month.  A must-read.
  • Another XBMC Skin Preview – Xperience
  • I’ll be watching EngadgetHD as they’ll have a couple of guys on the floor of CEDIA.  We’ll get to see what Microsoft has in store for their Media Center platform.  If Microsoft plans to invest much in Media Center going forward, this will be the place to see those signs.

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